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   Chapter 849 The Little Guy

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What Barnes declared stunned everyone, and they couldn't figure out the meaning of his words. However, they all directed their attention at Nathan at once, not knowing what his alleged surprise was about.

"I only wanted to bring it out after Alisa accepts my proposal so I can give her a big surprise. But it looks like I have to show it now to make someone give up hope." Nathan glanced at Zachary with a look of contempt, his eyes glowing red with anger. The next minute, he swung his hand and opened the Virtual Air Space.

A moment later, a beast shadow almost as tall as an average adult man walked out of the space. Its aura exceeded that of a scarce treasure beast, which startled the entire audience.

When the treasure beast exposed its real face, the crowd in attendance looked even more shocked.

"Isn't this the symbolic treasure beast belonging to the Kong Clan's collection? It's considered a top-level treasure beast among the rare treasure beasts, the Heaven Worship Beast! But this one is still a cub!"

"Yes, I noticed that! This is incredible!

"The hatching rate of this rare treasure beast is extremely low. I didn't expect the Kong Clan to hatch one effectively!"

Soon, a lot of the people present recognized the Heaven Worship Beast as the Kong Clan's top-level treasure beast. The onlookers were aware of how the clan nurtured and raised it though it was still a cub for the time being. This treasure beast had already reached the peak of Sage Level, ranking fifth amongst the Vanity Kingdom's sacred treasures. Everyone regarded it as the Kong Clan's most valuable treasure beast.

So, as might be expected, the Heaven Worship Beast's descendant also possessed immense talent, and its value was without price.

The crowd witnessed Nathan taking out the Heaven Worship Beast's cub as his present, and they felt his commitment to marry Alisa. In their opinion, even though Zachary was powerful, it would be impossible for him to bring out a treasure beast better than the one Nathan just showed as a token of marriage.

"The cub of a Heaven Worship Beast?" Alisa's beautiful eyes became cold at the turn of events. She figured out how utterly serious Nathan was about this proposal. Otherwise, he wouldn't have offered her the Heaven Worship Beast's cub. But despite that, she wouldn't be easily tempted in any way.

"Damn it! He even took out the cub of the Heaven Worship Beast. Ther

beast, considering his Imperial Level strength. That was something none of the crowd had ever imagined to be possible.

The crowd was not the only group of people looking bewildered. Even the notable personalities of Crane College appeared stunned as well as their faces somewhat became pale and drawn because even they couldn't possibly catch an elite treasure beast.

"So what if it's even an elite treasure beast? It will not recognize anyone as its master. Even if you give it to Alisa, what's the use of it?" Nathan shouted coldly with a dejected face.

"That's right. This one won't recognize anyone as its master, but that might not be the case, especially with the one in my arms," Zachary pointed out. At this point, he flew down and walked toward Alisa under the public's vigilant eyes. He then held the little white-haired guy on his hand and said, "Alisa, this little guy is yours now. Take a drop of your blood and blend it with this little guy's, and then it will honor you as its master."

"What? Are you sure?" Alisa became speechless after hearing his words.

"Wait. Is this the Dawn Beast's cub?" Someone soon speculated because the little guy in Zachary's arms was very similar to the Dawn Beast.

The people present were shocked to the core as if a bolt of lightning had struck them directly from the sky. Not only did Zachary had an elite treasure beast, but he also gave its cub to Alisa. His unselfishness was overwhelming!

Unlike the mature Dawn Beast, its cub was more precious. If appropriately developed at such a young age, it could very much perceive someone as its master.

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