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   Chapter 848 The Celestial Energy Crystal

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Everyone's gaze was glued to the Celestial Energy Crystal. None of them had seen one before, so they didn't even know what it was.

"What kind of treasure is it? I've never seen the likes of it before."

"Me too. It's emitting a strange aura as well."

"I don't think there is anything special about it. It can't be as good as Nathan's pills."

The crowd started to compare the two treasures. Since they didn't recognize the Celestial Energy Crystal so they felt it was ordinary.

"Well, is it possible that it's a rare elite treasure? The Celestial Energy Crystal perhaps?" The higher-ups present were all smart. It didn't take long for one of them to identify it.

"The Celestial Energy Crystal? Isn't it very rare? I heard that the Earthworm-shaped Dog, a rare elite treasure beast, was the one to produce it."

"It is said that one Celestial Energy Crystal is enough to improve one's strength by one grade, making it a high-yielding Imperial Level treasure. The Earthworm-shaped Dog can produce one of these crystals a month."

"However, since the essential power contained inside is rather strong, it has side-effects. So you can't refine it repeatedly in a short period of time. But refining it once is more than enough. It can save Imperial Level warriors a lot of time in cultivating, and increases the efficiency of their cultivation."

The higher-ups began to whisper with one another. As powerful beast tamers, they were naturally aware of the elite treasure beast.

It was not until the on-lookers heard this discussion that they realized the significance of the treasure.

Nathan had heard of the Celestial Energy Crystal, but he hadn't expected Zachary to take it out. In terms of rarity, the Celestial Energy Crystal was indeed on par with his pill. But in terms of effect, his pill was better. With that thought in mind, he immediately turned to Zachary and said, "So what? The Celestial Energy Crystal only counts as one. You can't compare its value t

qualed the Colorful Tuckahoe, Nathan would win this round.

"Oh, that's very generous of you to present such a precious gift. You leave me no choice but to show my other present to prove my sincerity," Zachary said. He found Nathan was quite the hindrance. Zachary's eyes turned slightly cold as he wondered what he could take out. Fortunately, the system had given him a treasure pill at the Sage Level, so that improved his standing.

From the system, Zachary took out the Sage Level beast pill. It emitted incredible spiritual power, completely surpassing the Colorful Tuckahoe.

"What kind of pill is this? It can emit power stronger than that of the Colorful Tuckahoe!"

"Is it the Sage Level beast pill produced from the essence of all kinds of rare materials?"

"Where did he get so many valuable treasures? This is crazy!"

As usual, Zachary was the talk of everyone around, surprising them yet again.

Barnes turned to look at Nathan. He had initially thought it impossible for Zachary to offer betrothal presents more decent than Nathan's. But he was wrong. Zachary had taken out the Celestial Energy Crystals and the top-grade Sage Level pill. His presents far surpassed Nathan's. "Young Master Nathan, it appears that it's time for you to take out your trump card. Show us what you've prepared!"

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