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   Chapter 753 Anne's Story

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Anne walked towards the center of the floor. She said, "Next, I will fall asleep. It's the safest method for you to enter my spiritual sense. Only when you catch me off guard can you reach the part of my spiritual sense that has been sealed." When she reached the center of the room, she stopped and lifted her hand.

Instantly, the Sage Level spiritual souls wandering on the floor all faced her and knelt down. Bowing their heads, they chanted worshipful incantations, their voices echoing from the walls. Anne closed her eyes. Her body rose from the floor and tilted backwards until her delicate form was lying supine in midair. After a few moments, she drifted gently back down onto the floor.

"You must start working now." It was Anne speaking, her voice resonating in Zachary's mind. She had prepared messages for him in advance.

"What should I do?" Zachary asked immediately.

"Follow my instructions," Anne ordered.

"Yes, of course! Sounds good,"

Zachary answered, unable to contain the glee in his voice. It was not the first time he had seen Anne lying asleep, and every time he saw her like this, he had difficulty restraining himself from enfolding her tightly in his arms. Unfortunately, there was never an opportunity to indulge himself, because in those situations there was always something more urgent that needed his attention.

"What should I do?" he asked, taking a deep breath.

"Like this..." Anne's sweet voice murmured directions in his mind.

Zachary nodded and did as she instructed. Before long, a strong connection formed between their minds. They even seemed to be breathing in sync.

"Next, relax your body. Take a deep breath, and then release your spiritual sense gently," Anne continued.

Zachary followed her instructions, but he couldn't help feeling a bit annoyed. He found it extremely vexing to be limited in this manner when faced with Anne's lovely, sleeping form. She looked like an angel in slumber.

After all, he was a normal man, and it was natural to feel this rush of desire in the presence of such a beautiful woman. But he had to control himself. Otherwise, he could imagine just what the consequences could be. What else could happen between a man and a woman who felt attracted to each other? Indeed, even if he gave in now and went to Anne, she probably would return his embrace.

Still, Zachary kept a firm hold on his senses, r

could you save my family?" Anne asked suddenly.

"Save your family?" Zachary was stunned.

"They all died because of me," Anne said sadly, her eyes growing gloomy when she thought of her family.

The sky above them changed. The vast vista of white darkened. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The boundless prairie transformed into a sea of flames, until there was no sign of the idyllic grassland that it had been just seconds ago left.

Zachary floated above the flames and looked at the darkness around him, finally getting an idea of why Anne had sealed off this portion of her spiritual sense. So, there were memories that she was afraid to face. The young Anne who stood before him looked as lost and lonely as an abandoned orphan.

"I can't save them. But you are not alone here. I will stay with you until we can leave together," Zachary said firmly, meeting Anne's eyes with a determined look. He wanted her to feel safe with him.

"Really?" Anne said softly. She moved forward slowly, her large eyes fixed on his face. Then, without warning, she leaped forward and threw herself into his arms.

In that instant, the fire blazed in all directions, engulfing Zachary and Anne.

Zachary, however, didn't move an inch as the fire raged around them. He held on to Anne as tightly as he could, surrounding her with his own body to protect her from the flames. He could feel his whole body burning with enough force to reduce him to ashes. The pain was so severe that death seemed like an appealing option, but he gritted his teeth against the agony and kept his arms around her.

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