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   Chapter 752 The Integration Of Mind And Soul

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"Analyzing..." Mimi went silent for a moment. Fifteen minutes later she spoke again softly. "After analysis, the Blazing Roc's state is very suitable for genetic fusion."

"That's good." Zachary nodded. Then he asked, "What kind of treasure beast gene matches that of the Blazing Roc?"

"We need to compare all the genetic samples to find the perfect matching rate. Generally, the higher the matching rate, the greater the success rate will be," replied Mimi.

"Then compare the samples in the gene pool with the blood of the three treasure beasts I just collected. Let's see if there is one that is suitable," Zachary said.

"The matching program starts now..."

"I'll go to Fairy Island first. Inform me when you have some news." With that, Zachary left the system and headed for Fairy Island.

Upon arrival at the bamboo house in Fairy Island, he saw Tania collecting herbs in an herb field nearby.

Zachary walked up and asked, "Hi Tania, what can I do for you?"

Tania raised her eyes and asked, "Is it true you're now in Crane College?"

"Yes." Zachary nodded.

"Then I have a task for you," Tania replied immediately.

"No problem. But what will I get out of this?" Zachary asked artfully.

"If you complete the task, I will accept you as a disciple as long as you can pass the second trial. Of course, it doesn't mean that you will be exempt from the third trial. If you do this, I'll become your master, and it will be an excellent thing for you." Tania glanced at Zachary after offering him such a tempting proposition.

"Are you serious? Whatever it is, please let me know and I'll do it." The offer sent a thrill up Zachary's spine. Becoming Tania's disciple would benefit him exponentially in the long run.

"There is a beast called the Fighting Crane in Crane College. I hope you can help me find out its precise location. Remember, what I want is its real location, not the one from myth

should have met this requirement. But the problem is that I have already sealed one part of my spiritual sense for some reason. That, in turn, made my soul incomplete, which is why we cannot achieve full integration. Therefore, if we want to complete our first cultivation, you must help me release the sealed part of my spiritual sense," Anne explained.

"Anne, can't you do it yourself?" Zachary asked.

"No. The part that has been sealed is so deeply buried that I can't even touch it myself." Anne shook her head.

"Then, Anne, what is the danger you're referring to when it comes to releasing the sealed part of your spiritual sense?" Zachary asked.

"Yes, because you have to enter the sealed part of my spiritual sense and release it. But if you fail, your spiritual sense may also be trapped in it," Anne replied.

"Okay, it sounds dangerous, but for the sake of our first cultivation, this is a risk worth taking." Despite hearing the possible ramifications, Zachary looked very calm. Because he knew nothing would stop him and Anne from cultivating.

"I'll spare a part of my mind so it can guide you into entering my spiritual sense." Then Anne raised her finger and pointed it between Zachary's eyebrows.

Zachary instantly felt something entering his mind.

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