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   Chapter 751 Get Her Memories Back

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"That sounds good. Thank you so much, Barnes," Zachary politely said, cupping his hands.

"You deserve it," Barnes said in return with gloomy eyes. Previously, he had indeed wanted to give Zachary and the other four Imperial Level warriors of the Devil Kingdom a hard time, just to test their strength before they participated in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. But never had he expected his plan to be foiled by Zachary in a single day. He had no choice but to give it further thought.

"Well, if there's nothing else, I'll take my leave now." With that, Zachary was ready to leave with the Demonic Emperor Beast.

"Wait a minute. You can leave, but the Demonic Emperor Beast must stay," Barnes suddenly called out, gesturing for them to come back.

"Why?" Zachary's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"This beast is our Crane College's treasure beast. We've already given the order to execute it. Of course, it can't go with you," Barnes said sternly.

"Because it recognizes me as its master, it already belongs to me. The Crane College should have no more right to interfere," Zachary strongly argued. It wasn't easy for him to subdue the Demonic Emperor Beast, let alone make it accept him as its master. He wasn't going to give it up so easily.

"I hope you won't go too far. Otherwise, you'll have to suffer a lot more than necessary," Barnes warned, picking up on Zachary's stubbornness.

"I'm afraid of anything but suffering. I'll be taking the Demonic Emperor Beast with me," Zachary firmly declared, in spite of Barnes' warning. With that, he put the beast into the system first as a safeguard for if any trouble delayed him.

Zachary's response made Barnes' eyes grow cold. Just as he was about to say something more, Jay suddenly appeared before him and said, "Barnes, it's a mere treasure beast that is to be executed. It no longer matters to the Crane College. How about letting his one slide for my sake? I'd highly appreciate the favor."

"Well..." Barnes hadn't expected Jay to take the initiative and step in to let the Demonic Emperor Beast remain with Zachary, so his expression still seemed overcast.

"If you can't make the decision, I'll visit the dean of your college myself to have a word with him." Jay was a clever man, aft

le you to cultivate and grow smoothly in the Vanity Kingdom, the system has specifically provided this award for you," Mimi explained.

"Then what is the effect in the fusion and breakthrough?" Zachary continued asking.

"Generally speaking, there are three kinds of breakthroughs after the gene fusion. The first is a breakthrough in strength and the second is a breakthrough in elements, while the third is the breakthrough in mutation. In general, the chances of such kinds of breakthroughs are highly wary. The chance of breakthrough through strength is much greater than the latter two, and it's the least you can do to hope for a chance of breakthrough in mutation."

"Oh, I see. Is there any condition for the gene fusion?" Zachary asked again.

"Treasure beasts suitable for gene fusion, as well as the compatible and matched fusion genes," Mimi replied.

"Is Orion suitable for gene fusion?" Zachary asked after a moment of thought. Among the several treasure beasts he had, the one who was most in need of gene fusion and breakthrough was the Blazing Roc. If that could receive the gene fusion and breakthrough and improve its strength to the Imperial Level successfully, its fighting capacity would be definitely going to improve. To add to that, he had just subdued the Demonic Emperor Beast, and the Thunder Dragon Horse had been cultivating in the training ground for treasure beasts as well. Such beasts were enough to put many beast tamers of Imperial Level from the Crane College in awe.

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