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   Chapter 750 Acknowledge Its Master

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Everyone went quiet, focusing on Zachary as they followed his every move and tried to guess what he would do next. Zachary was still standing in the same place. Slowly, he began moving forward, coming towards the Demonic Emperor Beast. With a wave of his hand, the sealing tool the beast's neck vanished. The breaking of the seal unleashed the power of the Demonic Beast Emperor. Its strength had been completely restored.

The Demonic Emperor Beast stood without moving, seemingly stunned at the unexpected release of the seal. It did not understand why Zachary had done that. But now that its power had returned, it stared at him with hatred, its eyes glowing fiercely. The beast looked like it wanted to swallow him alive.

Noise broke out among the members of the audience when they realized what Zachary had done. All were surprised by his behavior, and felt that it was tantamount to suicide.

"Is he crazy? Why did he suddenly remove the seal on the Demonic Emperor Beast?" Vivian exclaimed, sounding unnerved.

Jay and Tracy were also shocked. They couldn't think of any reason for Zachary's action.

Linda and Alisa glanced at each other, eyebrows raised, wordlessly communicating their disbelief at what Zachary had done.

Meanwhile, Barnes watched Zachary with a sneer on his face and his arms folded across his chest. He came to the conclusion that Zachary was planning to give up in this final test. After all, it would be foolish for him to actually kill one of the rarest and most valuable treasure beasts owned by Crane College.

"Mimi, turn on the mutual communication system," Zachary said calmly.

"The mutual communication system is now on!" Mimi replied.

Zachary's eyes were fixed on the Demonic Emperor Beast. "You should hear what everyone was saying just now. They wanted me to kill you." He paused for effect. "However, I do have standards. There are limits to what I will do to achieve my goal. So I'm giving you a fair chance—if you refuse to submit to me, then we will engage in an all-out battle until one of us dies. But if you are willing to submit to me, we will join forces, and show the people of Crane College just how powerful you are. That means you must agree to recognize me as your mast

ster before," he said coldly, with no trace of warmth or congratulation in his tone.

"Then you will keep your promise, won't you?" Zachary asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Certainly. Starting tomorrow, I will arrange for the five warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Level to give you one-on-one guidance, so that you can try your best to improve the strength of your treasure beasts and master the way to control two treasure beasts simultaneously. In addition, over the next three months, you can freely participate in the beast tamer test and some other tests of our Crane College. If you perform well during this period of time, you may even have the chance to enter the Beast Tamer Space of our Crane College," replied Barnes.

When Barnes finished speaking, there was an uproar among the members of the audience. The Beast Tamer Space was the foundation of the Crane College. It was widely known as a paradise for beast tamers. In the Beast Tamer Space, there were a lot of treasures which could be used to enhance treasure beasts, as well as many different types of treasure beasts which could be captured and tamed. The Beast Tamer Space was a prestigious and exclusive place, and the permission to enter was much sought-after not only by those in Crane College, but across the entire Vanity Kingdom. However, the restrictions placed upon entering the Beast Tamer Space were very strict and demanding. Only the most talented and the most valuable people were allowed to enter.

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