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   Chapter 746 Demonic Emperor Beast

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At this moment, Zachary also took the opportunity to place himself further away from the beast. Then, he observed it carefully and found that the beast was human-shaped and able to stand erect like a man. It was about three meters tall and resembled a small giant. It had two heads, and each of them sported a sharpened horn. It had a face like a monkey's, but its body powerfully built. It had four arms, while its legs were also incredibly muscular like a kangaroo's, hinting at a strong and explosive power. In a word, it appeared completely different from ordinary treasure beasts, and it was definitely a type of treasure beast that Zachary had never seen before. It bore some similarity to the mutated form of treasure beast once it had fused with a human being.

The instant everyone saw the human-shaped beast appear, they sprang up from their seats.

"I can't believe that Barnes has loosed it on the stage. Does he mean to murder Harley?"

"That's right. Now it has moved onto the stage, even a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Level from Crane College can't defeat it, let alone this guy."

"It is a famous warrior killer in our Crane College. There was an Imperial Level warrior who died at its hands..."

"But the senior college leaders have forbidden that it be used for the beast tamer's test, haven't they? Why did Barnes bring it to fight?"

The crowd buzzed with different opinions on the treasure beast brought by Barnes.

As soon as Jay and Tracy heard this, they sensed that something was wrong, because they also noticed that the treasure beast was obviously very powerful. It was at least at the eighth grade of Imperial Level. And from what they had now witnessed, it seemed that it could still control the power of an element. With these two points alone, Zachary had no chance of winning at all. Although he had defeated Nola, who was several grades stronger than him, in the qualifying test of the Imperial Level Warrior Contest, everyone knew that at that time, he seemed to have used a forbidden technique to temporarily enhance his strength. Now, this was not a major competition, and he w

and a martial beast, so it wasn't a pure treasure beast. Though it was still classified as treasure beast, it could not produce treasures. As a rule of thumb, a treasure beast that could not produce treasures could not be called a treasure beast. Despite that, it was a natural hunter capable of capturing other treasure beasts, and it had a very keen sense for wild treasure beasts. Because of that, it was still considered a scarce treasure beast.

However, the Demonic Emperor Beast was violent and ferocious by nature. It was almost impossible to subdue. Even if it was subdued, it would not recognize its master. Therefore, even though it was a scarce treasure beast, its only use was as a treasure beast in beast tamer tests.

"It's a waste to use such a formidable treasure beast in a test." Even Zachary felt badly for the Demonic Emperor Beast. He thought that the beast was completely undervalued. However, he also knew that if a treasure beast refused to recognize its master and couldn't be controlled by a warrior, it would was treated no different from a martial beast. Therefore, the chances of it being valued were slim.

Compared with the Gigantic Rhinoceros and the Demonic Phantom Butterfly, the Demonic Emperor Beast's uniqueness had obviously aroused Zachary's interest. He had an urge to subdue it because if he could subdue it, it would be easier to collect more treasure beasts in the future.

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