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   Chapter 739 Waste Of Time

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At the sight of the current situation, Jay felt a little headache on setting. Never did he expect it to be so difficult to deal with Barnes. As a matter of fact, with his superior strength, he didn't have to be so cautious about facing Barnes. But Jay and his team had to behave in the Crane College on behalf of Shura College as well as the entire Devil Kingdom. He had to put the overall situation first.

"Why don't we go and look for him?" At the moment, Tracy could feel things sort of falling apart, so she felt the proposal to be necessary. She figured it was better for them to find Zachary than to let the people of the Crane College find him first. If they found him first, she was afraid that Zachary would suffer losses inevitably.

"Yes, I agree!" Vivian also nodded in agreement.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Jay, you and your team can just stay here and wait!" Barnes ordered sternly and waved his hand to refuse their offer. Soon after, some King Level warriors behind him surrounded Jay and his team.

"Barnes, what do you think you're doing?" Jay's tone was cold. While he was well aware that Barnes was making things difficult for him and his team, he wasn't completely impatient. But now, Barnes was blatantly bullying and insulting him. If he didn't argue back, other people would think that the people from the Devil Kingdom were all cowardly push-overs.

"Don't get me wrong. I just hope that you and your men can stay here in peace and won't cause any trouble for me before we find Harley. You can move freely after we find him," Barnes explained, rather softly, seeing that Jay was seriously getting angry. Not wanting to irritate him, he decided to react more kindly.

"Then what are you going to do with Harley once you find him?" Jay asked with a frown.

"He has violated the rules, so he will be receiving punishment. That's for sure. But don't worry, the punishment will not be severe," Barnes said. According to his words, Zachary's punishment would be a minor one, but his stern demeanor indicated the gravity of his intentions. He wanted Zachary's consequences to be severe.

Hearing that, Tracy and the others couldn't help but feel nervous for Zachary.

Just then, a figure leisurely walked into the beast barn.

All the people present turned to the source of the noise. The figure turned out to be none

ment. Otherwise, I'll kick you out of Crane College immediately," he said firmly, eyeing Zachary with a sullen face.

"Barnes, you've gone too far now, haven't you?" Jay remarked gently with a frown.

"I don't care if you accept my apology or not, nor do I care what punishment you have prepared for me. But remember that I'm not a man of Crane College, so I'm not under your college's control. If you want to kick me out of here, please have your dean inform me first. Otherwise, I won't accept any decision you make!" Zachary said in return, putting on airs. Because he found Barnes' behavior to be far too unpleasant, he decided to forego showing him any kindness.

"You!" Never did it occur to Barnes that Zachary could be so stubborn. His anger rendered him speechless, and his body began trembling as though he could burst at any given moment.

"And the kind of task you've arranged for us is just a waste of time! I see no benefits whatsoever. It's completely meaningless. We're not some ordinary disciples. We traveled a long way to improve our strength in terms of the treasure beasts. Such childish training is a mere waste of time," Zachary added, criticizing Barnes' work.

"A waste of time? To better control the treasure beast, the most important thing is to know the many kinds of treasure beasts and all their habits, and most especially to have more contact with them. How could you say such training is a waste of time?" Barnes' retort was completely serious. His face had fallen gloomy—Zachary's arrogance and ignorance completely baffled him.

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