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   Chapter 737 A Rare Weapon

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"I didn't expect you to know who I am," Zachary replied, with a slight smile.

"I've heard of you," Julian said, sneering. "But I don't care who you are and where you are from! As long as you are in Crane College, you must abide by our rules. Just now, you have ignored the warning, disobeyed Barnes' orders, and rang the bell. I'll bring you to Barnes, and you'll get the punishment you deserve for breaking our rules." With that, Julian unleashed his aura. As a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Level, his strength was incredible, and his aura filled the air surrounding him.

Everyone watching the confrontation knew that Zachary was in big trouble. No one in Crane College dared to offend Julian, for he was powerful and relentless, and offenders would never know a moment of peace until they had been punished to Julian's satisfaction.

"Oh, is it as serious as all that? It sounds frightening!" Zachary replied, faking a look of surprise and fear.

Julian glared at him. "Of course this is serious. In Crane College, rules are the most important, and no one is exempted. If you violate the rules, you must pay the consequences!" he said solemnly.

"So what happens if I refuse to leave with you?" Zachary asked. He spoke in a casual tone but there was a gleam of defiance in his eyes.

"Then I will take you away by force. It is true that with your three treasure beasts, you manage to block my Raging Fire Beast just now. But I have two more treasure beasts. I doubt you'll be able to deal with them," Julian stated. He was quite proud of his status as one of the few warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Level in Crane College who could simultaneously control three treasure beasts.

However, Zachary did not look bothered by the threat. "That's true. I have no more treasure beasts to block yours. But anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing how powerful your other two treasure beasts are," he answered lightly.

"You!" Julian exclaimed. He was slightly unnerved by how indifferent Zachary seemed. For a moment, he couldn't think of anything else to say. Then he decided it didn't matter. He had no intention of being polite to Zachary, so he might as well just take him down.

"Hold on, Julian!" said a sudden, sweet voice from behind him.

Julian turned to see the figure of a lovely young woman floating towards him and Zachary. She landed in front of them.

Julian recognized her immediately. "Oh, Linda, it's you. What brings you here?" he asked. His attitude had changed dramatically, as he dropped his aggressiveness towards Zachary in order to speak politely to Linda.

"I'm here for him," Linda replied, pointing one long finger at Zachary.

"Huh?" Julian was stunned.

"Yes, I'v

an ordinary dagger. I bring it with me to peel martial beasts sometimes," Linda replied casually.

Zachary tilted his head, thinking. Linda gazed at him with anticipation. After several moments, he flipped his hand, and something small and gleaming appeared in his palm. He held it out to show Linda and said, "This is the Crescent Dagger, a seven-star Imperial Level weapon. Although it is not very rare, and it doesn't have any special elements, it's still good for self-defense. This is my gift to you."

As soon as she saw the Crescent Dagger, Linda's eyes widened. She felt as though she had fallen in love with the shining, exquisitely crafted dagger, which was far superior to any weapon she had ever used.

"Are you sure you want to give it to me? That is a truly rare weapon, and it is very valuable here in the Vanity Kingdom. You don't need to give me such a priceless and wondrous gift." She was hesitant about accepting a gift of such value, for on her own she could never afford it.

"Don't worry about it. Just take this and consider it a gift. After all, I can afford to give it away," Zachary said, reaching out to place the dagger in her hands.

Linda gripped the dagger, smiling with pleasure at the beauty and balance of the weapon. She tested it for a few minutes, familiarizing herself with how to use it, and Zachary watched her with a grin. Finally, she turned to him and said, "This is a good gift, so I'll forgive you this time."

"Thank you for your kindness," Zachary said, giving her a grateful look. In truth, he had decided it would be best to stay in Linda's good graces because he thought it would help him get closer to Alisa. Judging by what she had said earlier, the two of them were very close friends, so he would need Linda's help in order to find out more about Alisa.

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