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   Chapter 713 The Holy Level

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"Harley, what is going on here?" Jaxon turned to look at Zachary because he knew that Sophie wouldn't have made such an allegation that Zachary was her man without substantial reason. And taking into account Sophie's stature, she wouldn't have said malicious claims in front of so many people. Therefore, Jaxon concluded that Zachary might have hidden something from him, and it shouldn't be insignificant.

At this instant, the spectators gave their full attention, ready to listen to what Zachary would have to say.

Zachary glanced at Jaxon, and then took a quick look at Sophie, who was staring back at him playfully. The eagerness to find out his answer was visible in her eyes. He suddenly burst out laughing and said in a comical tone, "Master Sophie, I can see that you still like to crack jokes. Although being your man is every guy's fantasy, I'm afraid that I can't afford the luxury of such an opportunity."

Zachary's statements confused the audience more because he just implied that Sophie was messing around. No one would believe that the famous Lady Evil would crack such a joke, especially since the mere mention of her name could already invoke fear to people. But if it were the truth, it would be a hard fact for everyone to accept. Thus, the look of astonishment was clear on their faces at the moment. They didn't know who to believe, Sophie's joke, or Zachary's words.

"Joke? Do I look like I'm kidding?" Sophie expressed her dismay toward Zachary in an indistinct voice that very minute. However, she sounded more like a pampered woman acting provocatively. Suddenly, she looked exceedingly captivating, with the capacity to make one feel sexually excited.

"Please don't make things awkward for me, Master Sophie. Otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to leave Shura College safe and sound." Right there and then, Zachary gave Sophie a pleading gaze, hinting at that Sophie not to give him a hard time, or he would be in big trouble.

"Fine. It's all right if you view it as a joke, but promise me that we will go back to Dignity College together," Sophie replied, carrying out her demand. In reality, she called Zachary her man because she knew he wouldn't go back with her freely. So she put him in a shameful position to make sure he would follow her order.

Before Zachary could reply to her, the crowd went into an uproar after hearing Sophie's plan. They didn't expect that even Dignity College already aimed at Zachary. Even the distinguished Sage Level warrior Sophie came in person and attempted to snatch him from the Xiao Clan openly. She didn't take t

n astonishing pressure beyond the Sage Level filled the area within a thousand meters, and the halo that spread a thousand meters suddenly lit up like fireworks, which was very dazzling.

Suddenly, drastic changes took place in the area within a thousand meters. The wind howled, sand and stones flew, and the sky rumbled as if something abnormal had happened.

Under this astonishing pressure, only Zachary, who was right by the side of Sophie, Marvin, Larry, and Jaxon were able to keep their countenance. In contrast, many other Sage Level warriors and everyone else couldn't resist the terrifying pressure. Their bodies seemed to have lost control, just like a mountain pressed them. As a result, their legs became weak, and they could not help but kneel on one knee to Sophie.

"Holy Level!" Larry, who also felt his legs go weak, stared at Sophie in shock.

Of course, the expressions on the faces of Marvin and Jaxon also changed drastically. They looked a little pale. They swallowed their saliva, unable to hide the distress in their hearts.

The next moment, all hell broke loose. And this time, the disturbance seemed to be entirely out of control. The whole scene became chaotic because no one had anticipated that Sophie, who was earlier a warrior at the premium stage of Sage Level, could suddenly break through the Holy Level. This was entirely beyond their imagination.

"Now, do you suppose I can take him away?" Sophie glanced around and asked boastfully.

Marvin and Jaxon looked at each other at the same time after hearing her words. Despite their unwillingness, they knew that if Sophie insisted on taking Zachary away, they could not stop her. Hence, they had to swallow what they wanted to say.

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