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   Chapter 712 Lady Evil

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The sheer presence of the woman was a startling surprise, but it was her blunt words that shocked everyone even more. The crowd could tell that she was referring to Zachary when she mentioned "my man," but Zachary was now Vivian's fiance, and his marriage to Vivian was in the works. He would soon become the son-in-law of the Xiao Clan's leader, so the untimely arrival of the woman made the once harmonious situation turn into a disturbance again.

However, everyone's utmost concern right now was the identity of the woman. First, she showed up by blasting down from the sky, which meant that she must be a notable figure at the Sage Level. In the entire Supernal Continent, most of the female Sage Level warriors were around fifty years old. A woman at such an age would not have entered a romantic relationship with a guy her junior, specifically Zachary. Since young female Sage Level warriors were scarce, the onlookers could not help but guess who the woman was.

Regardless of who she was, she piqued everybody's interest by referring to Zachary as her man. This unknown female warrior already gained their attention, notably all the male warriors, who pumped their chests out of jealousy for Zachary. They all assumed he was too powerful in making a female warrior who was stronger than him fall in love.

"Who the hell is this woman?" asked Vivian as she was a little agitated.

"Humph! This guy is a troublemaker. He seduces women wherever he goes. No wonder a woman has come forward looking for him," Anthony sneered at once, taking the perfect opportunity to scandalize Zachary. "Vivian, I'm afraid your marriage with Harley will end up in ruins."

"Shut your mouth!" Vivian gave Anthony the death stare.

Zachary, who was the prime focus of this mess, looked at the woman in front of him with a bitter smile. Although he had long expected that she would come to him one day, he hadn't predicted that it would

er eyes at Marvin.

The expression on Marvin's face quickly changed. But he had dealt with her before, so he already expected that she would always be cocky and overbearing. Thus he shrugged it off and laughed. "Did you come here mainly for Harley?" After talking, he fixed his gaze at Zachary with a weird expression on his face.

"That's right. I'm here for him," Sophie replied cautiously.

At this point, the crowd clamored again.

"Sophie, did I hear it wrong just now? What did you mean when you said that Harley is your man? Harley is my future son-in-law. I think it would be imperative for you to explain your side in front of everyone here to avoid any misunderstanding," Jaxon said earnestly. He knew this was a serious matter. He had just announced that Zachary would marry his daughter, but Sophie suddenly showed up and declared that Zachary was her man. She undoubtedly came to steal Zachary. If she refused to explain her point of view, he wouldn't give up easily.

"Jaxon, you heard me right. He is certainly my man. You can ask him if you don't believe me!" Sophie replied disapprovingly and then laid her eyes on Zachary.

Upon hearing that, Zachary put on a helpless look. He was put in a tight spot and knew that there would be trouble this time around.

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