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   Chapter 711 The Ideal Son-in-law

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The senior leaders of Shura College, including Marvin, were all in a rush to discuss the urgency of the situation. This was the first instance that they encountered such a case, so they did not know how to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Larry and Jaxon both looked very relaxed and didn't care about the competition's result. No matter who won or lost, both Zachary and Nola had already gotten the slots to take part in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest, which was good enough for their respective clans. As for who could win the ultimate victory, it now seemed less important. However, it would be more beneficial for the clan if their follower could get the first place. In particular, if Zachary succeeded, it would be a massive boost to the Xiao Clan.

While everyone was busy discussing and wondering what was going on in the ice walls, they suddenly started to crack and eventually collapsed. Zachary and Nola, who were standing inside, also revealed themselves.

Everyone in attendance witnessed this, and they all fixed their gaze toward Zachary and Nola. The two of them straightened up, facing each other calmly. They were no longer as hostile as they had been during the early stages of the battle. They were at peace, which made it even more confusing. Everyone became more speculative about what had happened within the ice wall.

By then, Zachary appeared to have regained his aura as an Imperial Level warrior at the sixth grade, or maybe weaker. He didn't have the same strong impact as before.

At this point, Zachary glanced at Nola with a big grin on his face, while she was giving him the death stare. But then, she bit her rosy pink lip and raised her hand. "I lost!"

As soon as Nola finished speaking, everyone kept quiet. Although it wasn't surprising that she accepted the loss, it was unexpected for her to admit her failure in this manner. In everyone's belief, she was an exceptional female warrior, and she would rather die in battle than concede defeat at her own accord. Therefore, her effort to acknowledge that she just got beaten was unforeseen.

The next moment, all sorts of chatter, sighs, outcries, and cheers came through one after another. Most of them were for Zachary since he managed to defeat several Imperial Level warriors at grades higher than his, despite having only the strength of an Imperial Level warrior at the sixth grade. He also won against Nola, who was one of the fiercest female warriors in the Devil Kingdom. It only proved how his sacrifices and struggles paid off. He finally reach

entioned anything to her about his plan. Maybe it was a quick decision. Although she scowled and was a little unhappy, she knew that publicly declaring the news would be advantageous for the Xiao Clan. Besides, she and Zachary would indeed get married sooner or later, so she accepted it eventually.

This was not pleasant news for Anthony at all, because if Zachary became his brother-in-law, he would have no luck in handling Zachary anymore. Anthony clenched his fists and was remarkably depressed.

"Congratulations, Jaxon! You are going to have an ideal future son-in-law!" Marvin immediately expressed his compliments to Jaxon.

"I'm flattered, Dean Marvin. Thank you very much. If it weren't for the opportunity you have provided, the Xiao Clan would have missed out on Harley," Jaxon said graciously, returning the courtesy. But what he said was true. If Marvin hadn't decided to hold a meeting for Zachary in the first place, the Xiao Clan might not have had the opportunity to recruit him.

Marvin smiled in response, but he felt resentful deep inside. If he had known earlier that Zachary's talents were extraordinary, Shura College would have taken advantage of his skills and looked after their interests, instead of letting the Xiao Clan take the lead.

Marvin was not the only one who thought so. Right now, other major clans and sects such as the Xuanyuan Clan were also regretting not being able to recruit Zachary.

Just as the selection contest concluded, a figure suddenly darted down from the sky and directly on the battlefield. Under the crowd's observant eyes, she walked up to Zachary and said in a sweet voice, "My man, I have finally seen you. Come with me!"

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