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   Chapter 710 Seal The Sage Access Meridian

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"What?" Anne asked in surprise as she came to her senses after learning this. She blushed because of coyness as if realizing that she just did something she had never done before. She didn't expect herself to be so engaged. She knew that her friendship level with Zachary had increased to level 9, which drove her to sign the contract with him. After she ended the master-disciple relationship with him, her feelings toward him seemed to be unstoppable. She felt her feelings grow for him more passionately with each passing day. She could not control herself when faced with him, which was very unlike her in the past.

She also knew in her heart that her feelings for him would suddenly grow because he had unknowingly become an essential part of her existence. Either as his master or as a potential romantic partner, he was an inseparable reality for her, as if their destiny already got tangled tightly. She calmly confronted her feelings for him without any apprehensions. But she also had her limitations and own opinion, and she knew entering into a relationship with him couldn't develop too soon. At first, she didn't want him to give so much thought and meaning to this kind of special relationship. She was not the kind of woman who would easily give her entire love to a man even though she knew that she could fully trust him. Deep in her heart, she was confident that he would never disappoint or dump her, but she was still safeguarding her heart.

Thinking of this, she returned to her usual self and immediately took a step back, breaking free from his arms.

As soon as she pulled away, Zachary felt a little dejected, because he was not sure when he could hold her in his arms again like this.

"I will seal the Sage Access Meridian for you right away," Anne said at once. When she was about to take out the Ice Needle and close up his meridian, she suddenly noticed that his aura was not as unstable as she had imagined. She frowned and said, "It's strange. Why does your body seem to have adjusted to its condition after your Sage Access Meridian was activated?"

"Is that so?" Zachary was also stunned to hear that.

"What did you do just now?" Anne inquired.

Zachary filled her in about his decisive encounter with Nola.

"What? You released two spiritual souls all together?" Anne cried out in shock. Although a warrior could cultivate two spiritual souls after reaching the Holy Level, only a few of them could achieve it effectively. It was indeed beyond belief that Zachary could do so when he was merely at the ninth grade of Imperial Level. She was well aware that the ma

How did you bring me here?"

"You passed out in the final round. I was worried about your condition, so I took you to my place to heal you," Zachary said casually.

As soon as Nola heard this, the scene in her mind instantly replayed during the final battle with him. In her mind, it seemed that she lost consciousness because she couldn't withstand the sudden burst of power from him. She concluded that he had already defeated her.

"Let's leave this place first. And if you still want to continue fighting, I can bring you to the battleground again. But don't tell anyone about our coming here. Keep it between you and me," Zachary said as he winked at her. He then put his hand on her shoulder, and they both vanished into thin air.

A while later, Nola noticed that she was back at the battle area, and the surrounding ice walls were still standing.

"Do you want to continue the fight? Or will you accept your loss?" Zachary asked politely. His crisis was over, and after Anne sealed his skill, she also helped him treat his wounds. Therefore, even if the fight proceeded, he knew that he could not fail in any way. Thus, this was the reason for his confident and calm demeanor.

On the contrary, at this point, Nola's martial energy was feeble and drained. Consequently, she couldn't do battle with Zachary again. Yet, she was reluctant to give up and kept staring at him, deliberating.

The people outside, who had already stared at the ice walls for about five minutes, became restless. Nevertheless, they didn't know what was occurring inside the ice walls. Perhaps Zachary and Nola were still competing, so no one attempted to enter to see what was going on, for fear that they would interfere with the competition.

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