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   Chapter 709 The Sage Level Spiritual Skill

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Almost immediately, the power of the blue spiritual soul blew away the two arms of the cyan spiritual soul, which should have hit Zachary. Then, the blue spiritual soul slowly appeared in the air, startling the entire audience.

Just as everyone was at a loss for words that Zachary released two spiritual souls at the exact moment and presented his extraordinary talent, the blue spiritual soul, Andrew, spun around, and stared at Zachary. "Boy, for the sake of your advancement, I will instruct you another spiritual skill."

"I've just attained my spiritual skill. If you teach me another again, I'm afraid I won't be able to use it," Zachary explained. He had misgivings about it, so he turned it down on purpose. Anne had cautioned him earlier not to rely too much on Andrew's spiritual energy, so he instinctively had to keep tabs on him.

"What you have just carried out can only reach the level that is the same as that of your strength and spiritual energy, but this skill I will teach you is a Sage Level spiritual skill under my spiritual energy," Andrew replied disdainfully.

"A Sage Level spiritual skill? Are you willing to teach me that? Why are you so kind to me suddenly? Will there be certain conditions for your proposal?" Zachary asked cleverly.

"Do you see me as that kind of person?" Andrew snorted straight away.

"Yes, you are," Zachary replied with no interest.

"Okay, fine. I'll just say what I know. I prefer to show you this skill because you are competent enough to deal with the spiritual power that I'll hand over to you without my support. The second reason is that I can't wake up every time you are in peril just to take care of you, because every moment that I am awake, it will use up a considerable amount of spiritual power. Since you can command my spiritual power now, even if I am in deep hibernation, you can still control my power. So observing these things, I'd rather supply you this spiritual skill that can bring my spiritual power into play so that you can use it for self-defense," Andrew explained in detail, which was rare for him to express with so many words.

"Oh, I see. Taking those reasons into consideration, this seems to be an excellent offer. But are you sure you don't have any terms and conditions in return?" Zachary asked, uneasiness sweeping over him. He was conscious of how cunning Andrew was, so he did not believe that he would teach him such an unusual skill for free.

Andrew gave Zachary a lifeless stare and then peered at the cyan spiritual soul behind Nola. He said defiantly, "This girl's spiritual soul is rare and authoritative. She is very skilled in this respect. I guess she is on par with you in terms of spiritual soul. She can even merge with the Sage Level beast soul and use it as her spiritual ability. It's a shame that she faced

I will just drop her here and won't take care of her anymore!" After he finished speaking, he immediately put Nola down on the ground and teleported himself back to the Living-dead Tomb.

Anne was anxiously pacing back and forth in the tomb's hallway. It was time, but Zachary hadn't come back yet, which was worrying her. If it were not for the fact that she were unable to leave the system, she would have already rushed out to check what was going on with him.

Luckily, Zachary entered the Living-dead Tomb right then. At the sight of him, Anne greeted him with a tight hug.

"Anne, what's the matter?" Zachary asked. It was the first time that he had seen Anne throwing herself at him. He was a little perplexed. Embracing her delicate body, he sniffed a pleasing smell, which made him want more from this beautiful woman in his arms. Unfortunately, it was not the right time.

"You didn't come back, so I was all worked up thinking about you." As Anne spoke, her eyes turned red. She looked so distressed that anyone who could see her react like this would have the desire to secure her so she would not break down anymore.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me now." After saying that, Zachary sighed in his heart. He recognized that Anne had changed a lot. She used to be a tough master to him, but now, she had become such a sensitive girl. It almost felt like she had grown into a different person. He had never got used to the change in a brief time. He understood that she would fret about him when he was in jeopardy, which touched him. In a flash, he thought of something significant that he needed to deal with urgently. He must seal his Sage Access Meridian at once, so he said to Anne, "Anne, although I want to continue hugging you like this while having a romantic and good chat with you, I'm afraid there's something important that you need to take care of for me."

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