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   Chapter 708 Release Andrew

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After scanning the arena for a bit, Jaxon didn't find any aura of a Holy Level warrior. He frowned, pondering about the strange occurrence. Although he understood how Zachary could have done it, Jaxon couldn't stop wondering how he could make his master activate his meridian without being caught? This was something beyond their wildest imagination!

It was a popular theory that warriors' martial speed was the means of securing victory in a competition among warriors of equal strength. The higher the martial speed a warrior had, the quicker it circulated in his body, and the power he boasted would be more substantial. Thus, one time difference in martial speed would lead to a significant gap in strength.

So, as Zachary's martial speed had been increased, his power with the ice element also rose and started freezing the countless tendrils that Nola's Cyan Rootlet Spine released nonstop, which were charging towards him. In this way, he gradually built up an advantage over her.

Nola didn't foresee Zachary's sextuple martial speed, which was one stage higher than hers. She perceived that if she maintained her current fighting method, the situation would be particularly unfavorable to her.

After pausing for a minute, Nola seemed to have formed a resolution. Her diminished spiritual soul suddenly expanded again, and cyan light suddenly flared out. An even more dominant aura soon ascended, breaking through from the third grade of Imperial Soul to the fourth.

The entire arena burst into an uproar. Everyone was aghast. No one had predicted that Nola's spiritual soul could reach the fourth grade.

"Nola is becoming a little apprehensive. I have advised her not to expose her full power in the selection test. Otherwise, it won't do her good in the coming Imperial Level Warrior Contest." Meanwhile, Larry shook his head calmly and then changed the subject. "Yet, since she can fight against Harley, she will revel in it because it is a rare opportunity for her to meet such an unusual opponent who can often reverse the situation at the most critical moment. So, if she doesn't fight with all her might, she will never get to know the truth that regardless of how capable she thinks she is, there could be someone greater."

When Zachary saw that Nola's spiritual soul had reached the fourth grade, his eyes narrowed menacingly. This was a little beyond his expectations. For an Imperial Level warrior at the premium stage, he was very exceptional in cultivating hi

tage, the arm of Nola's spiritual soul that entangled with Tracy's spiritual soul strengthened and lifted Tracy. After throwing her a few times midair, she turned into a parabola and shot out of the battle area. Fortunately, Tracy had many admirers, and they scrambled to their feet to get to her and serve as her protection from the impact so she could land on the ground unharmed.

Without the support of Tracy, the other arm of Nola's spiritual soul smashed towards Zachary with no apprehension.

Meanwhile, Zachary had come to the deadline for fifteen minutes. He just chuckled. "Although it's a bit ridiculous, I have to work on some trick for me to succeed. Master Andrew, I need your help," he said in his mind.

The Holy Bone Bracer burst into a bright light, and a spectacular blue soul shadow materialized in the air.

Two soul shadows surfaced behind Zachary, one on the left and one on the right, standing up straight like guardians, which shook the entire place!

"You punk! I can't believe that you can forcefully activate my spiritual energy. You've made quite a lot of progress!" Zachary heard Andrew growl in an angry tone.

The spectators saw Zachary release another spiritual soul, and it showed that its aura was even more powerful than Zachary himself. They were taken aback, unable to digest the unexpected development in front of them.

It was already a big surprise that he suddenly carried strength at the ninth grade of Imperial Level and had sextuple martial speed. Yet, he now released two spiritual souls at the same time. This was even more incredible. None of the public had come across such a peculiar thing before.

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