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   Chapter 707 Sextuple Martial Speed

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As everyone expected, the power of the spiritual energy that had charged at the shadow suddenly faded, as if it had never materialized. Simultaneously, the shadow sauntered to the front of the warrior at the eighth grade and said in a booming voice, "It's no big deal that you attacked me by surprise, but how dare you launch a sneak attack against my woman too! You're despicable!"

The next moment, the shadow gave off a staggering Imperial Level aura at the ninth grade. It spewed out like an eruption and tsunami alike, completely enveloping the warrior. Then, the warrior who seemed to have lost his capacity to resist got surrounded by flashing sword radiance, which looked rather shocking.

"What?!" Afterward, the warrior started to utter screams of endless agony. His clothes tore into many pieces, and his blood trickled out like a water fountain. Ultimately, he knelt on the ground before the very eyes of the shadow, as if he was pleading for mercy.

At this point, the crowd quieted down because none of them had predicted that the warrior would get beaten in one swift move by a shadow that suddenly appeared from nowhere, even without resistance.

Then, the shadow disclosed his actual identity. Everybody watching was at a loss for words after looking at him, their eyes and mouths wide open.

The mysterious man was none other than Zachary, who had disappeared recently. To everyone's incredulity, the Zachary standing in front of them was now giving off an aura at the ninth grade of Imperial Level.

"What's going on? How could that be possible? Why did his strength suddenly rise to the ninth grade?" Vivian couldn't help but squeal in a thrilling sensation with the other members of the Xiao Clan.

Zachary's sudden arrival also shocked Jaxon. Although he was not sure how Zachary could have made it, seeing Zachary standing on the battlefield seemed like a natural occurrence to him. He had seen Zachary's extraordinary display on several occasions, so if Zachary had executed an exceptional performance at present, it would be justifiable.

"After the warrior struck him, Harley didn't get injured at all. Instead, he suddenly enhanced his strength. What kind of mean trick did he play?" Anthony, who had been delighted in the warrior's sneak attack toward Zachary earlier, was outraged and bitter when he saw Zachary's impressive act. The latter had suddenly built up his power and defeated the warrior in one staggering blow.

"Tracy, are you okay?" Zachary asked as he spun around and took a scan at her, under everyone's watchful eyes.

"I'm fine. But since when did I belong to you?" Tracy shook her head and gave Zachary a dark look.

"I merely pretended to be cool. Don't take it badly. Nonetheless, I don't have much time. I have to wrap up t

ge Level beast soul, which explained its intensity. But how could Zachary's spiritual energy take on Nola's spiritual soul?

The answer was obvious, but the people could not accept that the spiritual soul Zachary possessed might also come from merging with a Sage Level spiritual soul.

Just as everyone felt that Zachary and Nola were suitable in strength, without notice, Zachary's martial energy appeared to circulate all over his body at an impressive speed. In one blink, the quintuple martial speed rose to sextuple martial speed.

"What? Sextuple martial speed! Oh, my God! Is he even human?" someone shouted in an instant, looking aghast.

The crowd hooted loud curses and shocked expletives. After Zachary returned, his strength had expanded, and his martial speed had also stepped up. It was absurd and unimaginable.

"Is it viable that he has activated the Sage Access Meridian ahead of time?" At this time, Jaxon, who still came out shocked, finally figured out the truth.

"What is the Sage Access Meridian about?" Vivian asked, the term piquing her curiosity. She turned to look at her father, expecting an answer outright.

"The Sage Access Meridian is a Sage Level meridian that a warrior must activate before one could leap forward and reach the Sage Level. Once it is done, one would be able to make the breakthrough soon. Moreover, after activate the meridian, the martial speed will automatically rise by one time. In my opinion, Harley's sudden development in strength should be because he has activated the Sage Access Meridian. However, it would be impossible given his power, unless..." With this awareness, Jaxon seemed to be agog. He scanned around in haste because if it weren't Zachary who had performed that by himself, it must have been his master. The unknown female Holy Level warrior must have done that for him.

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