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   Chapter 706 Nola's Advantage

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However, this would not be a simple decision to make. Nola was the youngest female warrior from the Xuanyuan Clan. She was already within close range of being a Sage Level warrior in her early thirties. Larry also thought highly of her, and she would play a leading role in the Xuanyuan Clan without question. Tracy was one of the most influential Imperial Level warriors from Shura College. The senior officials of the college appreciated her talent considerably. Her future looked very promising.

Regardless of which side he joined in, his decision would offend the other party. Taking these factors into consideration, the warrior at the eighth grade was having second thoughts. His eyes steadily moved back and forth between the two female warriors in the intense battle, as if he were gauging their strengths and weaknesses to see helping whom would get him more benefits.

While fighting, Tracy couldn't prevent herself from being distracted. Probably that was because she was worried because Zachary was attacked. Plus, his sudden disappearance added more to her concerns. As a result, her opponent, Nola, took advantage of her carelessness and spotted her weakness in an instant.

"Dazzling Flowers!" Nola called out. At this time, the light with the wood element encircling her body suddenly bloomed. It then transformed into a thousand pieces of mixed blue and white flowers, continuously spreading out and trapping Tracy within its confines.

Tracy regained control of herself, but before she could back off, the petals had already surrounded her all over the place.

"Thorns! Appear!" Nola grunted. Suddenly, those blue and white petals turned into sharp-edged, blue thorns, attacking Tracy from all sides.

Tracy's face turned more serious. She knew that because of her carelessness just now, her opponent had the chance to trap her. In a battle between top Imperial Level warriors, the slightest mistake would be fatal, so no mistake was allowed. Once she made a mistake, the consequences would be unimaginable. Knowing this, Tracy quickly activated her martial energy to the extreme. She also rotated her hand, revealing a red whip. She swung the whip wildly, trying to block the sharp thorns from hurtling towards her. However, the quantity of those thorns was hard to measure. Even if she had three heads and six arms, she might not stop them all because they were edging closer.

Tracy knew she could not give up hope, in any case. She swung her whip more rapidly as the strap created an overlapping layer of shadows. Despite her attempts, it still could not protect herself from the overwhelming attack of the blue thorns. Her protective martial energy continuously resisted the impact. Not long after, her body's protective martial energy faded, and it all seemed that Nola's assault might finally hit Tracy's body. When this was a

rior at the eighth grade who had been judging the situation had decided after seeing Tracy at a tight spot. He had chosen Nola. After that, he hastily raced towards Tracy and released his materialized spiritual soul. Although this spiritual soul was only at the first grade of Imperial Level, it could still cause a fatal assault toward Tracy.

Knowing that this warrior was taking advantage of this crucial time to impair Tracy, all the observers sneered in contempt.

At the sight of this, Nola did nothing. Because for her, Tracy was no longer a threat. So she resolved that she would just let that guy deal with Tracy.

Seeing the man rushing toward her with murderous intent, Tracy glowered a bit and wished to thwart his attack. But since Nola's power had crippled her, her martial energy was out of control. Tracy could no longer pick up her strength to fight back for the time being. She lacked physical power to deal with her opponent.

Just as the warrior approached Tracy, intending to secure a spot for himself by defeating her, a shadow suddenly emerged in the center of the area with light radiating brightly. A beam of purple light soared into the sky at top speed. After that, it drifted into the direction where Tracy was, like a meteor crashing to the ground. The incident stunned everyone on sight!

A second later, the light landed on the ground. It stood proudly in front of Tracy as if it arrived to save the day.

The warrior, who was determined to hurt Tracy, showed up with his spiritual soul. When he realized that the shadow was holding up his path, he lost control and acted wildly for a second. He wanted to clear everything or everyone who was blocking him. He used up all of his spiritual energy, which then turned into a beam of shocking light wave and crashed with the shadow. The shadow did nothing to resist as if it had embraced its destiny of being defeated.

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