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   Chapter 705 Sage Access Meridian

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Of course, it wasn't just that Zachary had defeated Yates. The spiritual skill that he'd used at the end was also a surprise. Yates was flung away before he even had any chance to defend himself.

However, if everyone present were to realize that that spiritual skill with the ice element was one he'd just learned, they would feel even more shocked.

"He even defeated the Xuanyuan Clan's most powerful Imperial Level warrior at the premium stage. His talents are a never-ending surprise, it seems. But Yates had also been too careless. Using both his martial arts with the earth element together with a rare Imperial Level weapon, he would have been able to resist that spiritual skill. It's a pity that Yates hasn't cultivated a materialized spiritual soul yet. Otherwise, he wouldn't have lost!" Standing among the Xuanyuan Clan, Larry also narrowed his eyes. He wasn't disappointed that his clan's warrior had been defeated. In his opinion, Zachary had won the battle fair and square. After all, he had a spiritual soul at the third grade of Imperial Level, and possessed the unique skill that merged with the power of treasure beasts. That alone made Zachary deserve the victory. He relied on his own strength instead of luck. Larry only regretted that he had failed to recruit Zachary into the Xuanyuan Clan. Being part of the Xiao Clan now had given them an advantage.

Zachary half knelt on the ground. The power of the Beast Transformation Skill and the spiritual energy disappeared from his body in an instant. He had completely reached his limit and had no remaining defensive power.

Suddenly, a figure with a powerful aura rushed over and approached Zachary. A flip of his hand activated a martial skill at the medium stage of Imperial Level. Zachary couldn't resist it at all and took a direct hit.

That skill was very powerful.

Once it hit Zachary, the martial energy destroyed anything within a twenty-meter radius. Dust filled the sky and blurred the air, completely enveloping Zachary, who did not make any sound.

"Thank you for defeating Yates for me!" The figure who'd blindsided Zachary with an attack looked very complacent. He was the other warrior at the eighth grade of Imperial Level who had fought with the warrior at the sixth grade earlier. He'd defeated his oppo

your martial speed continues to increase, you won't be able to bear it with your current strength and body. In addition, the increase in your own strength will also put a load on you. Your burden will double, and that's what I'm most worried about."

"So I will have sextuple martial speed after I get through the meridian? How will it feel?" Zachary tried to joke as he heard Anne's warning. He knew that once he got through the Sage Access Meridian, he would have to defeat his opponent soon. That was because every extra minute it took to win the qualifying contest put a strain on him and put him in a precarious situation. Taking time would only deem his efforts meaningless.

But that didn't matter. He wasn't an average man; he was one who had already created countless miracles in front of everyone. This time he would showcase another miracle.

"Let's start," Zachary said, his eyes fixed on Anne.

Anne nodded. Then, she revealed a majestic Holy Level aura. Light flashed around her body like water waves and instantly enfolded Zachary.

Back on the battlefield, only three Imperial Level warriors remained now that Zachary had disappeared—Tracy and Nola, who were still battling one another, and the warrior who had attacked Zachary. The battle was dying down.

Judging by the current situation, Tracy and Nola were closely matched in strength. Therefore, whoever the warrior at the eighth grade chose to join would tilt the results in their favor. The partner he chose would definitely become the final winner.

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