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   Chapter 704 The Spiritual Skill

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Surely that was the actual case. Zachary had already spent more than half of his martial energy in the previous battle. At present, he was fighting head-on with an opponent who was stronger than him. He already arrived at his bitter end. The only thing left for him to use now in a counterattack was the Holy Bone Bracer, but it remained unknown whether he could hold on until the power of the bracer reached its full capacity to knock out Yates in one swift move.

"It appears that he has come to the last straw. The strength gap is too tough to crossover easily." At this point, Vivian, who was following the battle in the Xiao Clan's camp, scowled and shook her head.

"That may not be necessarily true. Back then, at Shura College during the King Level contest, he would do something audaciously bold every time he had done his best beyond the limits of his capability. I believe that he still keeps his best play as a last resort." Nevertheless, Jaxon still had faith in Zachary. After all, he had seen his incredible work in reversing a disadvantageous situation to his favor many times.

"Dad, this is the qualifying test of the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. How can you draw an analogy between the King Level contest and this competition? I think this guy will fail." Anthony certainly didn't think highly of Zachary, and he was eager to see him suffer defeat.

Right at that moment, seeing that Zachary couldn't even ward off a single attack, Yates had never felt more assured of himself. He instantly carried out a series of assaults, intending to act more aggressively to drive Zachary into a desperate position. Meanwhile, Zachary exerted a lot of effort on defense without attacking back recklessly.

The situation soon came to a momentary deadlock. However, since Yates' strength was more significant, Zachary still exposed his vulnerability under extreme pressure. With his finesse, Yates snatched the opportunity to carry out three hard blows to Zachary. Although he was under the protection of the Holy Bone Bracer, Zachary was covered all over with lacerations after taking in a few hits because the bracer could only absorb limited strength during each impact, and he needed to hold off the rest of it.

'I'm afraid I can't hang on until the Holy Bone Bracer comes to its full efficiency, ' Zachary mused. He knew that he had already arrived at his strength's maximum capacity. He assessed that he wouldn't be able to fend off Yates with just two strokes. He peered at the Hundred-Treasure Beast, exhausted from the Evil Spirit Leopard's attacks. It looked like it couldn't hold on for long, either.

'It appears I have no other option but to capitalize on the Beast Transformation Skill.' Zachary narrowed his eyes in deep thought. He had devised to resort to the Beast Transformation Skill at the last minute. Once used, his strength would automatically increase to a stronger leve

e dealt with the nine streams of martial energy with the earth element. His strength of the Beast Transformation Skill would reach its endpoint soon. He opened his eyes and the blue light around the Holy Bone Bracer that he wore on his wrist immediately mounted. Then he invested all of his strength into the bracer, which formed a spectacular vortex, sucking and devouring the streams of martial energy quickly.

Yates got terrified, and his mood changed in an instant after seeing it. The spectators were all taken aback. They looked at Zachary in disbelief because they didn't understand how he could absorb the full strength of Yates' massive attack.

A trademark evil grin appeared on Zachary's face. The Holy Bone Bracer had grasped its full capacity after absorbing the power from Yates' last move. Without hesitation, he once again released Gisele's spiritual soul using the bracelet's strength. Her strength promptly went up to the third grade.

Almost instantly, Zachary had a sudden insight. Like ripples of water, an ice light suddenly darted to the ground and extended from the place where he stood. The light enveloped Yates in a moment. At the same time, surges of strength with the ice element transformed into ice swords and shot out from the surface, breaking stones and dirt.

Spiritual Skill! Ice Spiritual Sword Strike!

It was totally out of Yates' expectation, and he could not escape at all. With the hit of the Ice Spiritual Sword Strike formed by the strengths of both the martial energy at the seventh grade and the Imperial Soul at the third grade, he flung back tens of meters away and landed among the crowd outside the arena.

This incident stunned everyone present. They couldn't accept that Zachary had just destroyed a senior Imperial Level warrior at the eighth grade from the Xuanyuan Clan after overthrowing an Imperial Level warrior at the seventh grade. It was beyond everyone's imagination.

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