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   Chapter 703 Summoning The Hundred-Treasure Beast

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When Zachary noticed the two warriors at the eighth grade abruptly switched their strategy, with the explicit intention of eliminating him and the warrior at the seventh grade first, his gaze turned icy-cold. He had planned to deal with the remaining warrior at the seventh grade first, and then defeat the two at the eighth grade after they grew weary in their fight. Then he could work with Tracy to handle with Nola. With this approach, both he and Tracy could pass the qualifying test.

However, his plan couldn't keep up with the sudden changes. The turn of events created an unfavorable circumstance to him, cutting down the odds of his victory!

What was even more tricky was that the warrior targeting at Zachary was a senior warrior of the Xuanyuan Clan named Yates.

People widely acknowledged the strength of Yates as the fiercest among the Imperial Level warriors at the eighth grade in the Devil Kingdom. He was almost fifty years old, and his skills as a warrior were not very strong, but he was engaged in physical cultivation. Without sheer perseverance and patience, it was impossible to cultivate to the top level of strength. However, the most significant advantage of the physical cultivation was that it didn't require much talent compared to the meditating cultivation. As long as one devoted much time and effort compared to others, they would definitely reap the rewards.

It was precisely because of this that Yates must have arrived at his current strength, one step at a time. Therefore, it was easy to imagine how solid his strength foundation was. Combined with his maturity and experience, one might say that he was more capable and stronger than most young warriors.

At this point, Zachary soon turned to look at Tracy and Nola, who were both in the middle of a heated duel. They were each controlling their scarce treasure beasts, carrying rare weapons, and fighting fiercely. He reckoned that it would be impossible for Tracy to help him now.

Therefore, he could only rely on himself in the following fight. However, he could see that Yates was much stronger than the last opponent he had defeated. Also, he believed that Yates should be a very cunning person. So Yates definitely wouldn't underestimate him and would go all out. Therefore, it might not be so easy for Zachary to triumph over Yates. Still, it wasn't the perfect time for him to ask Anne for help.

'I have to mount an attack first, ' Zachary thought to himself with a frigid look on

streams of sharp brown martial energy flowed out from both sides, attacking Zachary from both sides.

When Zachary caught sight of the martial energy with the earth element racing towards him, his eyes narrowed into slits. He lunged forward and used the Shadow Pace, before taking a step back. However, before he could land on the ground, the two wisps of martial energy suddenly gained speed. They gathered in midair and merged into one, with their power increasing sharply. At the same time, they hit Zachary's chest.

Knowing that the martial energy of the earth element was the toughest defensive martial energy among five different kinds, Zachary didn't engage the Lady Swordsmanship. Lady Swordsmanship was too feminine, so it wouldn't be of much help during an arduous battle.

"Ice Dragon Claw!" In the end, Zachary turned to the Ice Dragon Claw to protect himself, resolving to stand by this maneuver first.

But to his surprise, Yates' skill was not weak at all. The Ice Dragon Claw crushed down within a few seconds, forcing him to adopt the Ice Dragon Strike to make up for the attack. Despite the short distance, the impact of the martial energy collision was still a direct hit to Zachary's body. His face quickly turned pale. Although the Holy Bone Bracer had taken in a lot of force, blood soon trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

Zachary had suffered no injuries before, and his expression had not changed one bit. But now, a single strike from Yates had wounded him, which caused an uproar in the surroundings. This also showed that Zachary had reached his breaking point, and it seemed that he was unable to turn the tables.

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