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   Chapter 702 Zachary's Opponent

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Zachary showed no surprise seeing the Imperial Level warrior at the seventh grade approach him. He already expected this situation, so he had prepared well to fight.

The moment his opponent drew nearer, he quickly summoned the Blazing Roc. The gigantic roc rose into the air, and as it flapped its majestic wings, flames flickered from its feathers and rushed down like heavy raindrops.

However, since the Blazing Roc was only at the peak of King Level, it couldn't inflict any damage to the warrior. In an instant, the warrior's protective martial energy thwarted the fiery feathers.

"This man has proven himself great and played down his power!" Zachary summoned the Blazing Roc because he wanted it to test the warrior's protective martial energy. To his dismay, he found no weakness in the warrior's martial energy armor at all.

In retaliation, the warrior summoned a flying treasure beast of Imperial Level, which promptly engaged in a fight with the Blazing Roc in the air.

Simultaneously, the warrior traveled through the air like a passing meteor. The next moment, he hoisted his fists in the air, and a sudden burst of wind materialized.

"Take this!"

The warrior's clenched fists pounded and repeatedly swung in a short range, so it was difficult to detect the landing punches. In the blink of an eye, a dense number of fist shadows popped up in front of Zachary at breakneck speed, landing in quick succession.

Zachary stayed on high alert. He activated the Shadow Pace and tried his best to evade the strikes. He knew that his opponent was more powerful than him, and he didn't stand a chance of winning if he fought head-on. However, no matter how hard Zachary fended off, the warrior's fists followed closely behind him like a black cloud. He just couldn't get rid of them.

"Do you think you can avoid my fist attacks? No way!" The warrior gave a contemptuous laugh. Suddenly, he started throwing punches again, and two fist shadows rushed out straight. With overwhelming momentum, they tried to smack straight into Zachary's chest.

Witnessing this, Zachary instantly crossed his arms and positioned himself in a strong defensive stance.

The punches from the warrior were so strong that they didn't do him justice. After they hit Zachary's arms, the Holy Bone Bracer absorbed most of the power. However, Zachary still flung back a few meters.

Everybody present who witnessed this could not h

his martial energy and dashed towards Zachary again, aiming to subdue him.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten that Zachary still had Gisele, a spiritual soul at the third grade of Imperial Level.

Just as he was drawing closer, Zachary released Gisele. The next moment, he enforced the Lady Swordsmanship. With Gisele's help, he once again subdued his opponent.

The warrior didn't have a spiritual soul so that he couldn't engage the spiritual energy. Even if his strength was one grade higher than Zachary's, it soon became irrelevant. He was too inhibited from fighting Gisele.

A moment later, the warrior kneeled on the ground with sword wounds all over his body. He took short, quick breaths, and blood continued to drip on the soil. He had not stood up for a long time, and he lost his fighting power.

No one had expected that the Imperial Level warrior at the seventh grade would get eliminated first and at the hands of Zachary, who only had the strength at the fifth grade. If he hadn't been too arrogant and underrated Zachary, he wouldn't have lost so easily.

"Harley is highly capable!" Tracy, who was in a savage battle with Nola, sneaked a look at Zachary and nodded.

Soon, the Imperial Level warrior at the sixth grade was defeated by his opponent, another warrior at the seventh grade, becoming the second contender to be eliminated.

By now, only six warriors remained.

Just then, the situation came upon a drastic change. The two warriors at the eighth grade, who were in the middle of a duel, split up. One rushed to the warrior at the seventh grade, and the other rushed to Zachary.

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