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   Chapter 701 Tracy

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"It is quite troublesome. Your strength is a little weak, but if the gap is just one grade, it may be viable," Anne said, looking sullen.

"I'm positive that you can be resourceful and do something about it." Zachary grinned from ear to ear.

"You have quintuple martial speed now. There is a solution, but it is perilous," Anne remarked.

"You know what, danger excites me, and I have gone through all kinds of perils," Zachary said calmly.

"What you had experienced in the past is nothing much of a deal, but this is no joke. In the worst-case scenario, your entire body's veins will be destroyed and unrepairable," Anne said with earnest intent.

"I know, Anne, that you won't let me do anything that could ruin me," Zachary teased, making a joke out of it.

Anne gave him a disparaging look and said, "Well, I can temporarily activate a Sage Level meridian for you, so you can get a hold of the power close to the Sage Level, but it can only last for fifteen minutes. If you exceed that time frame, I'm afraid no one can come to your rescue."

"Quarter of an hour? That's too short!" Zachary's eyes narrowed in disbelief.

"So you'd better conduct yourself well. It doesn't matter if you don't have the chance to take part in the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. Anyway, with your current progress, you will soon break through to the Sage Level," Anne urged. She would never persuade Zachary in this manner when her behavior was still controlled by the system back then.

"Do you suppose this crappy system will allow me to abandon hope in joining the Imperial Level Warrior Contest? Also, there would be some treasures with available upgrades to help me improve my cultivation level if I win the qualifying test." Zachary shook his head.

"Then you have to give me your word that you will only hold on for fifteen minutes. Don't force yourself to go on after that," Anne said.

"I know you care about me. That's why you're all worked up. I know what I'm doing." Zachary nodded, his gaze strolling over her face distractedly.

"Come to me when the time presents itself," Anne proposed.

"Okay," Zachary replied, executing a salute gesture.

After departing from the Living-dead Tomb, he returned to the system to prepare for the final battle.

Two days later, the final battle of the qualifying test went underway, and the competitio

"Isn't it improper to bully a junior in public? How about I fight you?"

The lady was no other than Tracy.

Knowing that Tracy was trying to defend and safeguard Zachary, the warrior's expression altered. However, he didn't want to engage in a battle against her face to face, so he instantly retreated.

"Thank you very much, Tracy!" Zachary laughed.

"Don't be too confident. I can't look after you for long. The Xuanyuan Clan has already targeted me." Tracy glanced sideways and noticed that although Nola hadn't made a move yet, she had chosen her as her prey.

Zachary also looked at Nola and said, "After the others fight, you need not worry about me."

Tracy nodded in agreement.

Since Tracy was guarding Zachary, and Nola hadn't taken the initiative yet, the other warriors didn't dare to move forward carelessly. Therefore, they had to change their targets.

Before long, the two Imperial Level warriors at the eighth grade were the first to clash against each other. One of them was from the Xuanyuan Clan, who intended to protect Nola and ensure that she would be the winner. An Imperial Level warrior at the seventh grade targeted the one at the sixth grade, and a vicious war began.

In the end, only an Imperial Level warrior at the seventh grade and Nola still hadn't made a move.

Suddenly, Nola sped up as she rushed towards Tracy.

"You can take care of yourself!" Tracy said to Zachary as she walked up to the approaching Nola.

Almost at once, the warrior at the seventh grade who had been staring at Zachary also advanced toward him.

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