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   Chapter 699 True Feelings

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At this moment, in the place where the Xiao Clan members lived, many watchful gazes gawked at Zachary, but he remained very calm.

"Vivian, it's not that I want to make matters worse for you, but Harley has gone too far this time. He didn't even come to the aid of the Xiao Clan. Instead, he helped the Blue Team win the free battle, so my team lost. This just makes little sense!" Kemp, who had lost the free battle because Zachary played it rough, was naturally furious.

"Kemp, you have wronged me. I didn't switch my loyalties or give moral support to the Blue Team. How dare you accuse me by saying that I won the free battle for that team!" Zachary said innocently.

"Don't even bother explaining yourself. The key reason the Blue Team could win is that you played tricks and even used Polly to your advantage." It was not until later that Kemp realized that Zachary had asked Polly to exchange the hostages of the two teams when they were not paying attention.

"Do you have any evidence to support your claims?" Zachary challenged.

Hearing this, Kemp could do nothing but give Zachary a menacing look. If he had proof, he would not just stamp with rage. Instead, he would crack down on Zachary already.

"Okay, enough. Stop bickering with each other." Frowning, Vivian glanced at Zachary. He had gone overboard this time, which caused the Xiao Clan to suffer the loss for the chance to compete in the qualifying test.

"I've warned you before not to let him take part in the qualifying test. Now you finally know the repercussions, don't you?" Anthony scoffed, rubbing more salt to the wound.

"I'll tell our clan leader what happened. Let's see how you justify yourself then!" Kemp said, then got up and left.

The other Imperial Level warriors of the Xiao Clan also called Zachary's attention and discussed what he did for a while before walking out.

"Vivian, if you don't use a firm hand on him, he could eventually damage the dignity and good name of our Xiao Clan." After expressing his opinion, Anthony also took off.

Vivian laid her eyes on Zachary helplessly. She didn't anticipate that he would do such a stunt to hold back the Xiao Clan. More importantly, he didn't show any remorse at all.

"Do you want me to comment on their grievances?" Vivian groaned in despair.

"Don't say anything." The corners of Zachary's mouth turned up.

"You're the sole memb

spiritual souls roaming around seemed to be drawn by something and flocked towards him, as if they ached to occupy his body.

"Don't lay your hands on my disciple!" Anne rushed over to Zachary in a flash. Shortly, the extraordinary aura expanded, and the spiritual souls bolted in fear.

Anne pressed her palm against Zachary's chest, and a ripple-like light instantly spread out.

A moment later, Zachary took a deep breath and came to his senses. He noticed Anne staring at him worriedly, and asked, "Did I faint just now?"

"How could you be so reckless? You know you can't go in here, but you still came. Do you want to breathe your last breath?" Anne asked menacingly.

"I was concerned about you. I thought something had happened to you. If anything wrong chanced upon you, I wouldn't want to be alive anymore," Zachary claimed, pretending to be sad.

"Quit babbling nonsense. All men say one thing and mean another." Anne gave Zachary a disapproving expression. Although her mouth said so, she as deeply moved.

"I mean it because you mean so much to me. All of my achievements, I owe them to you, Master Anne. I wouldn't be where I am now if not for all of your help. I am willing to die for your well-being," Zachary suddenly said seriously.

"Don't say such crazy things." Anne covered Zachary's mouth at once with her palm.

Zachary took her hand away and pressed it close to his heart. "Promise me that you won't leave me. You will always be my master. Stay with me, and I will also be by your side. I won't allow you to be lonely. I will satisfy all your desires..."

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