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   Chapter 698 Hostage Exchange

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On the other side, the Yellow Team was also escorting their hostage to the finish line.

Soon enough, the two teams met less than a mile away from the finish line.

"Go and capture their hostage." As soon as Zachary gave the order, the Blue Team members dashed towards the Yellow Team in a flash.

"Don't bite off more than you can chew! Protect the hostage and defeat these guys!" The leader of the Yellow Team, Kemp, immediately led his teammates to fight.

Shortly, the warriors in both teams, with their treasure beasts and weapons assembled, began a fierce fight that turned chaotic.

Meanwhile, Zachary had found his way to the Blue Team's hostage and said, "I'm sorry but you may have to suffer for a little while longer, beauty." With that, he hit the back of the hostage's neck and knocked her out.

Zachary picked her up and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

While that was happening, Tracy rushed to the Yellow Team's hostage under the cover of her teammates.

Tracy was a famous Imperial Level warrior from Shura College. Although she reached the ninth grade for a short time, she was not inferior to those senior warriors at the same level because she had already materialized her own spiritual soul.

Right on cue, a female spiritual soul behind Tracy fiddled with the flute in her hand. A burst of sound wave spread out, forcing the warriors from the Yellow Team to cover their ears. Disturbed as they were by the unbearable sound, they found themselves too paralyzed to continue fighting.

"Protect the hostage!" Seeing this, Kemp immediately led two warriors to fight Tracy.

However, three warriors from the Blue Team intercepted them, and Tracy took the chance to approach the warriors protecting the hostage.

"You two, go and stop her. I'll protect the hostage." Polly signaled to the other two warriors responsible for protecting their hostage beside her.

Of course, the two warriors didn't dare disobey her words. They immediately walked up to Tracy, leaving Polly alone to protect the hostage.

Polly knocked the hostage out without the others noticing her. In the blink of an eye, a figure appeared beside her and took her and the hostage away. A moment later, she was back in her original post with the hostage in tow. However, the hostage now had a cloak covering her face.

Kemp charged at Tracy to stop her, appearing as if conjured right in front of her.

"You deserve the fame you've acquired in Shura College since you attempt to take our hostage all on your own. But don't you think you've underestimated our team?" Kemp stared at Tracy lasciviously. Obviously, he was taken by her beauty.

w she was surrounded by the Yellow Team warriors.

The crowd fell silent.

With an incredulous look marring their faces, the Yellow Team's warriors were all frozen in shock. They couldn't fathom how they'd mistaken the Blue Team's hostage for their own one.

The three judges, Marvin, and other elders were visibly startled. Like everyone else, they couldn't have foreseen what the Blue Team had done and that they'd be able to win the competition so easily.

"When did you swap the hostages?" Kemp roared angrily.

"I will never tell you that!" Of course, Zachary wouldn't let Kemp know of his trick. He had planted a spy in the Yellow Team.

The Blue Team members finally reacted and burst out with cheers. They could now all enter the final battle.

It was clear to everyone that the Blue Team had made the Yellow Team eat their own bitter fruit and easily won the free battle.

News of the Blue Team's win spread like wildfire and created a great stir. Using this risky strategy in such an important competition was beyond anything anyone would have thought. This should have been a decisive battle only a few powerful warriors could win. However, the Blue Team implementing their plan had qualified them all to enter the final battle. It was the first time that so many people were allowed to join the final battle.

Zachary had been the one behind this plan.

In comparison, the battle between the White Team and the Red Team was much more fierce and tragic. In the end, there were only three White Team warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Level left. Two of them were from the Xuanyuan Clan. Except for Zachary, both Kemp and another Imperial Level warrior of the Xiao Clan had been defeated and would be unable to enter the final battle.

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