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   Chapter 697 Acting Skill

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At this moment, in the area where the Blue Team and the Yellow Team were about to start their fight, the warriors of both teams were paying close attention to the mission they had to accomplish in the free battle.

"Both teams will have to execute an escort mission, and the first to finish will win. After you've reached the designated location, you must first try to rescue the hostages from the restraints of five Imperial Level guards at the premium stage. After you've picked up the hostages, escort them to the finish line as quickly as possible. The first team to accompany their hostage to the finish line will win. During the competition, we will allow all kinds of methods that you plan on doing to hinder the rescue efforts or escort operations of the other team," explained one of the three judges of the free battle. "If you all understand, then let's get started!"

Soon, under the leadership of their respective team leaders, the Blue Team and the Yellow Team hastily entered the fighting area. The free battle began.

Just after the entrance of the two teams, a few figures flew over in the sky. Leading them was Marvin, the head of Shura College, and several elders followed closely behind him.

"Hello, Dean Marvin!" The three judges greeted him at once.

"Has the competition started?" Marvin asked.

"It has just commenced," one of them responded without delay.

"Which team do you think will come out on top in this free battle?" Marvin raised another question.

"The strengths of these two teams are almost the same. Besides strength, the free battle is also about strategy. It depends on whether both team leaders supervise properly, especially in the last escort stage," another judge replied.

"I think the key to their victory would depend on a single person," Marvin said, narrowing his eyes.

"Just one person? Who could it be?" The three judges looked at each other in confusion, and not one of them had a hint who Marvin was talking about.

"You will find out once the competition has ended," Marvin replied, smiling calmly.

While they were engaged in speech, the two teams had already made their moves to rescue the hostages at the marked sites.

Soon, the Blue Team arrived at a pit less than a hundred meters away from the designated area.

"The hostage is just up ahead." Just ahead of them were five Imperial Level warriors at the medium or premium stage. They surrounded a female warrior who was acting as a hostage in the open space a hundred meters away.

"I'll go out first to attract their attention. You stand by and wait for an opportunity to launch a surprise attack and rescue the hostage," Tracy ordered before making a

ll. They were double-crossed and took the bait.

"Take the hostage and make our way to the finish line!" Zachary instructed. Then he sauntered toward the female warrior and said his praises, "Beauty, your acting skill is so convincing. It's so unfortunate that you're not a real actress!"

"Thank you for your compliments. I am deeply flattered!" The female warrior soon changed her pathetic expression and let out a flirty laugh.

"If you have some time to spare, how about we drink a cup of tea and eat dinner together?" Zachary asked, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

However, as soon as he wrapped up his words, Tracy popped up from behind him with an icy face, yanking him away by his collar.

Thanks to Zachary's successful strategy, they quickly rescued the hostage with minor difficulty in a brief time. After that, they escorted the hostage to the finish line.

Relying on their wit and absolute strength, the Yellow Team quickly retrieved the hostage from the five Imperial Level guards.

On the way to the last stop, Zachary carried out the team's next plan.

"Listen to me carefully. Our goal now is to block the Yellow Team and generate chaos. All you have to do is make the scene as unruly as possible," Zachary conveyed as he divided the members of his team into three groups.

"Tracy, come over here." Zachary motioned to Tracy.

The two of them walked aside.

"Tracy, I need you to..." Without any delay, Zachary made Tracy aware of the next step, which took her by surprise.

"Will this work?" Tracy asked suspiciously.

"Trust me. Just do as I say." Zachary nodded slightly.

"Well, I put my full confidence in you. Don't let me down." Tracy gave Zachary a quick look. Although she felt that his plan was too risky, she inexplicably trusted him.

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