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   Chapter 675 Countermeasure

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Zachary floated to the surface of the lake. He felt a strong suction coming from the bottom of the lake. The water began to swirl and soon a whirlpool was formed. Knowing that he was not in a good situation, he quickly leaped out of the lake and landed on the shore. When he was back near the Blazing Roc and the Thunder Dragon Horse, the lake, which was originally tranquil, now turned into a fierce whirlpool, spinning crazily threatening to devour anything that fell into it.

"Oh my god, that's so dangerous! I'm afraid I would be sucked into that if I was a little late." Zachary heaved a sigh of relief. However, he knew that this was just a beginning, because he would have to kill the Thunder Water Beast and get its core to enhance the strength of the Thunder Dragon Horse.

At the same time, a beast glowing with a dim thunder light and a flat body slowly appeared in the whirlpool in the middle of the lake. It was almost one-fifth the size of the lake.

Bang! Splash!

All of a sudden, the lake was rocked by some unknown force. The water spurted skywards and spread in all directions like a magical, glittering tornado.

"Kiwi, this Thunder Water Beast is not easy to deal with, but if we can get its core and help you improve your strength, it'll be worth the risk," Zachary said to the Thunder Dragon Horse.

The Thunder Dragon Horse raised its head and roared excitedly in response.

"All right. Step back and let it come ashore first." Seeing the Thunder Water Beast approaching land from the lake, Zachary took the Thunder Dragon Horse and the Blazing Roc and moved back, intending to lure the Thunder Water Beast up so that he wouldn't need to fight with it in the water where it had a big advantage over him.

However, to his surprise, the Thunder Water Beast stopped when it was some distance from the lake. It didn't seem to have any plans to go ashore. Instead, it chose to stay where it was, glowering at Zachary and the two beasts with its greedy eyes.

Zachary turned serious when he saw that the Thunder Water Beast had not taken the bait. He turned to the Blazing Roc, indicating it to grab him and fly over the lake. As soon as they were above the lake, they began to attack the Thunder Water Beast with fire feathers. The fire feathers rained down on the beast like arrows.

But the Thunder Water Beast didn't show any reaction. Two water pillars rose to the sky on its either sides to meet the intense fire feathers falling from the sky. The beast was much stronger than the Blazing Roc and the power of the fire feathers was no match for that of the water pillars'. The water pillars di

He waved at the Thunder Dragon Horse beside him as he quickly retreated.

Just moments after Zachary pulled back, the water bomb finally exploded. The explosive force blasted a jet of water.

"Wow, that was so dangerous!" Zachary exclaimed in shock. Actually, he just understood why his Ice Dragon Strike was restrained by the water bomb. It was because the water bomb not only contained the power of the water element, but also the power of the thunder element. The power of the thunder element could dissolve the ice element and make it dissolve into the water. After that, it was absorbed by the water bomb.

Zachary marveled at the wonder of the world where all sorts of strange things could be seen. Although the Thunder Water Beast was only a martial beast at the fourth grade of Imperial Level, its dual elements were beyond the imagination of countless warriors.

Zachary heaved another sigh of relief. Thanks to the Thunder Dragon Horse, it counteracted the thunder force of the water bomb with its own thunder force and blocked the water bomb a little, giving him a chance to escape in the nick of time. If he was hit by the power of the water bomb, the gravity of the consequences was unimaginable.

But in Zachary's opinion, the most troublesome thing was that the Thunder Water Beast had the same defensive ability as the Thunder Dragon Horse and could use the thunder power to create a shield for itself. It was almost impossible for them to break through the shield.

"Orion, you play with it while I figure out a solution!" Zachary, who was at a disadvantage, didn't dare to attack hastily again. He signaled to the Blazing Roc to deal with the Thunder Water Beast, thereby buying him some time for him to think of a solution.

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