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   Chapter 674 The Thunder Water Beast Core

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After a short moment of system transmission, the landscape in front of Zachary changed. He was standing at the end of a valley, close to a towering precipice that stretched toward the sky. Soon, he discovered that this was not an ordinary valley as it extended downwards. The terrain was like an overlapping ring that continually descended, like the vortex of a storm. The lower it went, the closer it was to the center of the storm.

Except for that, the landscape was quite ordinary as it was covered in plants and dense forests.

"Mimi, do I have to be cautious in the Windstorm Valley?" Zachary asked just to be sure.

"The Windstorm Valley is a suitable cultivation destination for warriors at the medium and premium stages of Imperial Level. Most of the martial beasts in the valley are at the Imperial Level. Only a few rare ones are at the Sage Level, but their number is quite small. The valley is a cultivating area in the real world, and it is rich in treasures. Since many warriors at the medium and premium stages of Imperial Level come here to hunt for valuables, you might meet a few," Mimi replied.

"The valley has a lot of treasures? Wonderful! With my current strength, I may not pass the qualifying match for the Imperial Level Warrior Contest. This would be a great place to cultivate and prepare," Zachary said with a smile.

Even though it was relatively safe to cultivate in the Windstorm Valley, Zachary couldn't lower his guard. He knew that the Imperial Level martial beasts found in the valley were more powerful than the ordinary ones. As a precaution, he summoned the Blazing Roc and the Thunder Dragon Horse and directed them to lead the way. Now, the Blazing Roc had reached the peak of the King Level, and its strength couldn't improve further. The Thunder Dragon Horse had just finished its cultivation in the training ground. While its power had increased significantly, it hadn't reached its peak. Although they were not as strong as the Imperial Level martial beasts, they could cope with any situation given their unique abilities.

Once everyone was ready, the group began to walk deep into the center of the Windstorm Valley.

After traveling for a day and a night, Zachary found that the Windstorm Valley was a treasure land, just like Mimi had said. The valley's essential energy grew stronger as they went deeper. And a place with strong essential energy always had many rare treasures. So, it was a good place for treasure hunting.

primary stage of Imperial Level with the thunder element. The core can increase their strength by at least half a grade. But the Thunder Water Beast stays submerged all year round. So only treasure beasts with thunder or water element can sense its existence," Mimi replied.

"The Thunder Water Beast Core? You mean that thing in its body?" After hearing this, Zachary spotted a blue light bead, which was continually spreading thunder force in the center of the Thunder Water Beast's transparent body. At first glance, he recognized its potential. No wonder the Thunder Dragon Horse was so excited! It had sensed the existence of the Thunder Water Beast. Moreover, since the Thunder Water Beast Core could enhance the strength of a treasure beast of Imperial Level by at least half a grade, it would be of great value for the Thunder Dragon Horse that was only at the King Level.

"Due to the powerful combat power of the Thunder Water Beast in the water, you'd better not fight it here," Mimi reminded Zachary.

"I agree. I have to lure it to the surface first." After glancing at the Thunder Water Beast, Zachary quickly took out several special gadgets that he had made in his spare time. Then, he approached the Thunder Water Beast and placed these gadgets around it.

After that, he returned to the edge of the rock and then released a force of martial energy toward the gadgets.

The next moment, the gadgets burst like fireworks, and the dazzling white light turned the rock upside down.

The Thunder Water Beast that was asleep woke with the noise. Then it roared with such rage that violent waves appeared at the bottom of the lake.

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