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   Chapter 673 Heading For The Windstorm Valley

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Soon, the blue egg also started to tremble violently. Suddenly, the shell cracked and mucus splattered everywhere. Then, a Heavenly Spiritual Beast cub toppled out onto the floor. It was snow-white all over like a horse. It tottered around blindly before it plopped down beside Vivian.

"Aww, so cute!" Vivian bent down and held the cub in her arms.

"You can keep it as your pet since you like the little thing so much." Goliath generously offered the cub as a gift.

"Oh wow, really?" Vivian's eyes lit up. She had been wanting to raise a treasure beast. Earlier she was too sick to care for one. Now that she had recovered, she could do so, but the Xiao Clan hadn't caught any good treasure beasts recently, and she certainly didn't want a common one. The Heavenly Spiritual Beast was scarce, and she adored the cub, so she was keen on making it her own.

"Of course! It's all yours," Goliath said gallantly.

"Thank you very much. If you want something in return, please ask Harley for it." Vivian accepted the gift happily. Goliath was brought by Zachary, so she wouldn't treat him like an outsider.

"Harley, did you apply the Hatching Fluid, which is very popular in the Devil Kingdom, to the eggs just now?" asked Jaxon in a serious tone. He had heard that a kind of magical liquid, which could help eggs hatch, was found in the Supernal Continent. However, it was rare and therefore, invaluable.

"Yes, that's right," Zachary confirmed matter-of-factly.

His answer caused an excited buzz in the crowd.

"Really? It was the Hatching Fluid? But it's so rare to obtain. Besides, it's worth a lot of money! Just a drop costs at least three million gold coins."

"Even if he really has the Hatching Fluid, he could probably afford only one or two drops. But he just used at least six drops!"

"Maybe he played a trick."

"Perhaps the two eggs were already about to hatch."

Everyone started discussing the options and possible explanations animatedly. They refused to believe that Zachary actually possessed six drops of the Hatching Fluid.

"How on earth did you get your hands on the Hatching Fluid, Harley?" Jaxon asked after a moment of stunned silence.

"My master gave it to me," Zachary replied immediately. Since everyone knew that he had a master at the Holy Level, he could use her as a convenient excuse.

"Oh, okay! That makes sense." Jaxon thought it was a reasonable explanation.

Even the others agreed that i

share a room and vacate the other room for Goliath. Now that Goliath had joined the Xiao Clan, he had fulfilled one part of his plan. What was more, he had done Logan a favor. He knew the reason Logan asked him to join the Xiao Clan was that he wanted him to be a spy in the clan.

However, that was it for now. Henceforth, he had to do his own thing. Once the expansion of the beast barn was done, he could use it to study and control all the treasure beasts in the Xiao Clan.

However, he still needed some materials, so after going back to the system, Zachary started mixing the honey for catching the Dawn Beast. According to what Anne told him, the Dawn Beast had the metal element and it boasted astonishing strength. Therefore, he had to use the Ice Honey to suppress its strength. In addition to that, the practical Tracking Honey and Psychedelic Honey were also needed.

Three days later, Bruno had some of the rare materials of Imperial Level sent to Zachary. Since he could source these rare materials in just three days, he was obviously very capable.

After getting all the materials ready, Zachary immediately began to forge the Soul-controlling Staff. It took him two days and two nights to complete the process. He had used up almost all his blood. This was a more serious condition than the last time. This was the second treasure that he refined with his blood. It was not hard to imagine that the treasures he had to refine next might even cost him his life.

When everything was ready, Zachary went to the place where the Dawn Beast lived, the Windstorm Valley, which he accessed through the Pilgrimage Space.

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