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   Chapter 672 Hatching Of Eggs

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After returning to the Xiao Clan, Zachary sent someone to tell Jaxon that he had something to say to him. Soon, he received a word that Jaxon was in the Magnific Martial Hall, and he could go straight over, so he proceeded there with Goliath.

Shortly after Zachary entered the Magnific Martial Hall, he saw that Anthony, Vivian, the elders, the guardians, and the managers of various departments were all in attendance. They were taking up something serious. When they caught sight of Zachary coming in with Goliath, their faces showed unusual expressions.

"Isn't he Goliath?" asked Jaxon as soon as Zachary and Goliath walked up to them.

"Master Jaxon!" Goliath immediately saluted.

"You said you needed to see me. Is it connected to Goliath?" Jaxon asked Zachary.

"You guessed it right." Zachary nodded.

"Are you trying to introduce him to our Xiao Clan?" asked Anthony. When he was at the Holy Cloud Mountain, he knew that the relationship between Zachary and Goliath was not simple. Zachary even mentioned before about introducing Goliath to the Xiao Clan. So, when he saw Zachary bring Goliath to the clan, Anthony at once understood his purpose.

"Anthony, you are so clever," Zachary said as his lips curled into a gentle smile.

"Harley, don't you think you're overly confident? Who gave you the impression that anyone can enter the Xiao Clan as they please? Do you expect to do anything you want because you are engaged to my sister? You joined our clan just recently. How dare you even consider bringing in other people into our circle! You have no authority!" Anthony seized the chance to humiliate Zachary.

Zachary and Goliath didn't react to Anthony at all because they knew what he said made no difference. He wasn't the one deciding. As long as Jaxon agreed, no matter how disappointed Anthony was, it wouldn't matter.

"Anthony, Harley is going to be your brother-in-law. Don't be rude!" Jaxon scolded at once. "Harley had mentioned that he wished to introduce Goliath into our clan, but I didn't expect it to

ating them, it will be of immense benefit to our clan! To everyone's knowledge, common treasure beasts' eggs are hard to bring forth, let alone the scare ones. If Harley can make the eggs hatch, he will be very significant to our clan!" Vivian said intently.

After listening to her, Jaxon nodded in approval because he also felt that his daughter's analysis was highly logical.

Maybe it was Vivian's comments that caused the warriors' attitudes to change after picking up what she said. But they still had their own opinions and called for further convincing.

"I'll show you then!" After Zachary said that, he took out six drops of Hatching Fluid from the treasure beast system and dropped three droplets to each of the eggs.

However, after his action, the two eggs did not show any reaction. They remained precisely the same as before.

"I think he's just fooling us!" Anthony ridiculed Zachary right away.

Everyone else also started pointing fingers at Zachary.

Only Jaxon and Vivian remained still and kept on watching.

It didn't take long for the purple egg to shake excessively, and then the eggshell at the top suddenly cracked open as if something had hit it. Soon a little head poked out, looking around with surprise.

Seeing this, everyone stared in shock. They didn't expect that Zachary could hatch a treasure beast on the spot!

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