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   Chapter 643 Spiritual Ability

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"Such a beautiful spiritual soul! It's a pity that she died," Zachary sighed sadly.

"Her name is Gisele. She used to be one of the legends in the Living-dead Tomb. In fact, both of us trained under the same master. But she fell in love with a man and chose to leave the Living-dead Tomb. Not long after, she was abandoned by the man," Anne sighed.

"What a bastard! Who was that man? What was wrong with him? How could he dump such a beautiful lady? Did Gisele give her life for the sake of love in the end?" Zachary surmised. A woman who was crazy in love always had a miserable ending.

Anne nodded and replied, "Yes. But she killed that man before killing herself."

"Wow! Really? She was so ruthless!" Zachary was astounded. It sounded like people from the Living-dead Tomb were not to be trifled with.

"In fact, if she hadn't left the Living-dead Tomb, perhaps our sect wouldn't have been destroyed. She was much more talented than me. She was the best at swordsmanship, and she was the only one who had mastered all twelve moves of the Lady Swordsmanship. I have only mastered ten moves. The remaining two are the most powerful, but I haven't mastered them yet," Anne remarked with a regretful look on her face.

"The Lady Swordsmanship has twelve moves? I thought there were only six. How come you didn't teach me the rest?" asked Zachary, puzzled by her unwillingness to teach him the moves.

"The Lady Swordsmanship is not suitable for men to use. It can't be used to cultivate the masculine spiritual souls. This is why I choose not to teach you the other moves. But if you can merge with Gisele's spiritual soul, you can learn them yourself. And with your strength, you can learn three more moves. You have to reach the Sage Level, and then you can master the last three moves," Anne explained.

"That's more than enough. Skill is no burden for me. Besides, I think the Lady Swordsmanship is very good because it can kill people in an invisible way. It is not as overbearing as the Ice Dragon Skill. I prefer to keep a low profile," Zachary commented with a smile.

"In that case, good luck!" Anne's bright eyes sparkled with delight.

"All right then! Let's get started. How do I merge with Gisele's spiritual soul?" Zachary inquired.

"You can go up and have a sword fight with her. If she feels that you are qualified, she will merge with you. She regretted leaving the Living-dead Tomb and never developed the sect. So if she be

ary immediately activated the Rebirth Restraining Ring on the neck of the Earthworm-shaped Dog. The ring shrank sharply and the dog lay on the ground, unable to move.

Then he walked up to the dog and used the Energy Perception Technique to seal the energy circulation in its body. After that, the dog fell into a deep sleep and he took it to the system.

Fearing something was wrong, he instructed, "Mimi, please examine the Earthworm-shaped Dog's body at once."

Almost instantly, several rays shot out from the surroundings and passed over the dog's body.

"The scan is done. There are too many Celestial Energy Crystals in the Earthworm-shaped Dog's body, which has a huge impact on its emotions," Mimi replied. "The Celestial Energy Crystal is an elite treasure. It is invaluable for all warriors of Imperial Level. Absorbing one of these crystals is equal to a year's cultivation. However, the Earthworm-shaped Dog will eat it immediately upon production. Therefore, it is very rare and difficult to collect. It's priceless in the Supernal Continent. The last Celestial Energy Crystal showed up three years ago," she explained.

"What? Really?" Zachary was astonished. It seemed that Anne was not lying to him. The elite treasure beast was indeed unusual. As Mimi said, absorbing one Celestial Energy Crystal was equal to a year's cultivation. This was an attractive prospect for the warriors of Imperial Level. If they wanted to improve their strength by one grade, they would have to spend at least three years or even longer. But if they could absorb a Celestial Energy Crystal, it would save them a lot of time and energy.

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