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   Chapter 641 Return To Normal

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Vivian felt ashamed of herself as she heard what Zachary said. She had set her mind on pushing through, but the process was much more painful and unbearable than she imagined.

"The Calming Bracelet was supposed to be for rebuilding your meridians. Now that you've used it, you only have yourself to depend on during the rebuilding process."

She nodded.

Zachary continued to destroy the meridians in Vivian's body. It still hurt like hell, but thanks to the bracelet, she could at least bear the pain.

He finally destroyed all of them after a few hours, including both the important and hidden ones. At this point, however, the Calming Bracelet's effect began wearing off. Having no meridians left, Vivian was prone to collapse at any moment.

"I'll help you rebuild your meridians, but I need you to use your body's innate martial energy. Otherwise, even if they are restored, you will have no strength," Zachary said.

"My...meridians…have all been destroyed. How can I possibly gather my innate martial energy?" Vivian winced as she struggled to speak clearly.

"Innate martial energy is not only within your meridians, but also in your flesh, bones, even your internal organs. You just need to try gathering it," Zachary replied firmly.

"Then how can I do it?" Vivian asked slowly.

"It depends on your comprehension. Understanding it will certainly be very helpful for your later cultivation. In fact, it is also a great starting point to body cultivation. It's more daunting than it actually is, really!" said Zachary.

"Then let me have a try." She bit her lips as she struggled to gather hidden innate martial energy, but to no avail. She couldn't even move, let alone collect energy.

She tried several times over but failed repeatedly. Only exhaustion held Vivian back from screaming in frustration—if she could, she would already have done so. But despite how hopeless it seemed, she knew she couldn't fail this time. Recovering her strength was essential, and this was an obstacle she needed to overcome to get there.

"Try to take it

ys. The news had spread within the Xiao Clan, causing a commotion. The third was that Daniel had sent him an invitation letter. These three things, of course, were all expected.

Zachary proceeded to the beast barn, where Ryder greeted him with a triumphant grin.

"Manager Harley, our treasure beasts managed to produce as many as ten treasures in less than a month. This has never happened before!" Ryder exclaimed rather excitedly.

"It must be due to your efforts!" Zachary said.

"I'm flattered, but it's due to your leadership!" Ryder replied almost immediately.

"However, these ten pieces are still not up to the previous agreement we had with the leader. We still have a few more days though, don't we? That's why you have to focus even more. If we can reach the number we have agreed upon, we can expand the beast barn. I'm sure your efforts will get recognized, and by then, you may even be promoted," Zachary said. He was obviously hyping Ryder up. And it worked flawlessly.

"All thanks to you, Manager Harley!" Ryder was almost drooling upon hearing the word "promotion."

Zachary gave him a few more orders before exiting the beast barn. He was about to look for Vivian then, but happened upon Anthony along the way. He was surrounded by a group of followers. Despite his obvious annoyance, Anthony managed a greeting. "Hey, Harley. Long time no see."

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