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   Chapter 639 Self-sacrifice

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Stunned by what Daniel said, the members of the Xiao Clan looked at each other in silence. They all felt that his remarks sounded a little intrusive, so they could not help but shift their eyes to Jaxon, their leader. Although everyone in the Xiao Clan knew that Daniel and Jaxon were not in good terms, they still thought Daniel had to show his respect for Jaxon in front of the public. However, he confronted Jaxon without constraint for all to see, which revealed that he was trying to humiliate Jaxon on purpose.

After squinting his eyes for a second, Jaxon suddenly chuckled. He said, "It appears that you have misunderstood something, Daniel. The truth is, the engagement between Vivian and Harley is still undecided."

"Is that so? What are you trying to say?" Daniel glared at Jaxon, his eyes wide open.

"The primary reason I've announced the engagement between Vivian and Harley is to keep the promise I made when I was trying to recruit Harley. I only wanted to give outsiders a false impression because, in reality, Vivian has other plans. In short, the arrangement is all a scheme." Jaxon could undeniably lead the notable clan, and he resolved Daniel's attack with flying colors.

"A scheme?" Daniel froze up, stunned to hear such an answer.

Everybody from the Xiao Clan who heard the exchange between the two brothers whispered to one another in hushed tones, because they did not understand the underlying facts on the engagement until now.

"Daniel, I guess you have already heard about the upcoming race for the marriage that Vivian is organizing, right?" Jaxon continued, ignoring Daniel's question on purpose.

"I heard but I think she is putting on an act only to build up the reputation of our Xiao Clan," Daniel said. Of course, he knew that there would be a race for the marriage, but in his mind, the event would be just for show, particularly to the outsiders.

"That's right. The engagement between Vivian and Harley came about mainly for the benefit and pride of the Xiao Clan. And even if they are engaged, it does not imply that a marriage is in the works or even considered happening in the future!" Jaxon said.

"If this is all a set-up for the interest of the Xiao Clan, why did you let Vivian make such a huge personal sacrifice, Jaxon? She is your daughter! In case she doesn't end up with Harley later, nobody would take her sincerely by then, and she would end up the subject of ridicule. Then how possible would it be for her to marry another man?" Daniel's voice filled with indignation once he found a reason to question Jaxon.

"I never asked her to do that. It's her solo plan, and so is the race for the marriage," Jaxon replied, steering clear of the conflicted situation by denying any involvement.

"That's absurd! Isn't she always keeping close to herself at home?" Daniel threw

g, I'm afraid we can't stop him," Vivian stated. She knew Daniel quite well. Even her father could not stop Daniel from doing anything, let alone others.

"It all depends on your competence. No matter what, you have to secure Harley and keep him under control. Make him listen to you as soon as possible. He is a crucial pawn in our hands, and possibly the most suitable choice to handle and take on Daniel," Jaxon said. Suddenly, a long, shrewd look surfaced on his face.

"Father, what do you mean?" Vivian inquired, squinting her eyes.

"Over the years, I tried organizing my men around Daniel, but all my attempts failed because of his suspicious character. But, if Daniel feels satisfied with Harley and thinks that he is a talent, he would surely take action. Maybe we can use this opportunity to make Harley work undercover," Jaxon said, racking his brains.

"Isn't it dangerous? Harley will most likely turn against us if Uncle Daniel bribes him," Vivian said. She hadn't expected such a bold idea to come from her father.

"That's why you need to tie him down fully. It's imperative to guarantee his commitment to you so he won't have any inclination to go against us," Jaxon said with a cunning smile.

"It's not going to be easy!" Vivian shook her head slightly.

"You are my daughter. I have confidence that you can find a solution." Jaxon put into words his encouragement, as if he was entrusting his daughter with a huge obligation.

"Then I'm afraid I have to sacrifice myself," Vivian said in a meaningful tone upon hearing what her father said. She realized that for a woman to tie down a man and his heart, she needed to become his significant other. But right now, she had something more pressing to do, and this would be her winning card, so she just responded, "I'm not sure, I'll play it by ear." After saying that, she exited the Magnific Martial Hall.

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