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   Chapter 638 Daniel Came Back

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Zachary had just arrived at the bamboo house, and when he turned around, he saw Tania standing a few meters behind him, staring daggers at him.

"I didn't mean to break into the forbidden area. Tania, please! You have to trust me!" Zachary said innocently.

"Tell me your birth date again!" Tania suddenly demanded.

"Huh! What? I already told you last time, didn't I?" Zachary found it a little strange. He had gone into the forbidden area twice, and both times Tania asked him about his date of birth.

"Just say it again!" Tania's beautiful eyes darkened as she repeated her question.

"All right!" He decided to tell her in the same way as he had done the last time.

"No, that's incorrect! I want your real birth date. This is a fake one," said Tania sharply.

"What makes you think it's fake?" Zachary was stunned at her accusation, because he had given her the birth date of the original owner of his body.

"If you don't tell me the truth, you are not welcome at the Fairy Island anymore!" Tania stated firmly.

He was telling the truth, but why didn't she believe him? Zachary was feeling helpless at this point. Suddenly he realized that Tania was asking for his birth date in the original world.

"Are you going to tell me or not? Hurry up!" Tania said impatiently.

"Oh well…okay!" Zachary had no choice but to reveal his original birth date.

Tania started to calculate on her fingers right away. When she finished, she suddenly looked up at Zachary in shock.

But she calmed down a moment later, and said, "All right."

"What? That's it?" Seeing Tania calm down so suddenly, Zachary was confounded.

"So what is your friend's final decision?" Tania asked seriously, ignoring his question.

"She has decided that she will take the risk," Zachary answered still reeling from shock.

"Really? Her courage is commendable, but she is aware of the possible consequences, right?" said Tania, casting a stern look at Zachary.

He nodded to assure her.

"Are you sure you can do it? The process of destroying her meridians is very painful. She might give up midway, but you can't stop, because you ha

Let's go to the beast barn to have a look," said Zachary and led them to the beast barn.

At the same time, in the Magnific Martial Hall of the Xiao Clan, several elders and guardians had gathered, along with many managers of different departments. Naturally, Jaxon was also present. However, there was one more chair beside Jaxon. Seated on that chair was a strong, tall man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was wearing a blue robe and his hair was half white. He sat upright with an arrogant expression, as if he didn't take all the people present seriously. The warriors didn't dare to look him in the eye. They remained silent.

This striking man was one of Jaxon's younger brothers, Daniel.

It seemed that Daniel's presence was responsible for the unusual silence in Magnific Martial Hall today, because everyone knew that as long as he was back in the Xiao Clan, there would be unrest in the clan. But even Jaxon couldn't do anything about it, so he could only sit and be patient.

"Daniel, weren't you busy expanding our weapon refining workshop in the Sunset City? Why did you come back right now?" Jaxon asked, finally breaking the silence.

"Do you consider me your family?" Daniel asked coldly.

"You are way out of line, don't you think?" questioned Jaxon raising an eyebrow.

"Then why didn't you inform me when Vivian got engaged to the new warrior in our clan?" Daniel shot back immediately.

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