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   Chapter 637 The Fairy Island

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By the time Zachary realized what was going on, he had already been sucked into the forbidden area. What was going on inside was appalling. The Fairy Stone, which had been floating in the center of the forbidden area, was now spinning at an astonishing speed. It was sparkling with brilliant light and emitting a powerful force at the same time. The force he was feeling at this time was coming from the spinning stone. Once he entered the forbidden area, the previous suction force suddenly disappeared, so he was able to land safely.

"Is something wrong with the Fairy Stone?" Zachary murmured with a strange look on his face, as his gaze fell on the shiny Fairy Stone.

He knew that there would be big trouble if the Fairy Stone continued spinning in this manner. However, Tania hadn't appeared yet to deal with this situation. If she was on the Fairy Island, she would have arrived as soon as possible. So he guessed that she might no longer be on the island. She had said before that the island was near an iceberg. If she was not here, he suspected that she must have gone to the iceberg and not yet returned.

Suddenly Zachary felt the ground tremble. He shook and swayed violently, unable to steady himself. It seemed like the whole island was moving. Something felt seriously wrong. If the Fairy Island was moving at such a fast speed, it meant that it would move further away from the iceberg. But Tania was still on the iceberg. If the island floated too far away from the iceberg, she would be unable to return and would be stranded on the iceberg. This sent him into a panic as it was not something that he wanted to happen.

"Maybe I can try to stop it, but I'm not sure if I will succeed. Oh, forget about it! Just give it a shot! It won't hurt to try at least." Zachary had an internal debate. He hesitated for a moment, still unsure whether he would be able to do it. Then with determination in his eyes, he looked at the Fairy Stone again. Tania had told him before that the stone could not be seen by ordinary people, but it was visible to him. This indicated that there must be some connection between him and the stone. This gave him the confidence to give it a try.

With that thought in mind, Zachary approached the Fairy Stone. Due to the incredible power it was emitting, the whole space was almost suffocating. It would be hard to breathe even at the entrance. Approaching it would be an extremely difficult task because of its overwhelming energy. Despite this, he gat

t of Zachary. It was no other than Tania.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to barge in here," Zachary explained immediately as he saw Tania's sullen face. He thought she was angry because he had entered the forbidden area without her permission.

"Please wait for me in the bamboo house," Tania said simply, not offering any further explanation. This was something Zachary had never expected. He had assumed that she would scold him or even punish him. However, she seemed to be rather calm.

"Er, what? Oh, okay!" Zachary said, still in shock. He was relieved to note that there was no anger in her eyes, and left the forbidden area.

After he left, Tania immediately walked up to the Fairy Stone and pressed her hand on it. The stone instantly replayed the scene of Zachary stopping the movement of the Fairy Island and avoiding the attack from the sea beasts. She was so surprised to see this that she trembled a bit.

"He can actually manipulate the Fairy Island. How is this possible? I thought only the owner of the Fairy Island had the ability and power to manipulate it!" Tania was baffled. She then recalled that Zachary had entered the forbidden area the last time too. She was beginning to think that it was not a coincidence that he could control the island. But what confused her the most was that she had predicted once that his fate and found that he didn't fit in the island, so he was not supposed to be able to do that. But the fact that he actually made it astonished her and made her doubt her abilities.

"Did he lie to me? Maybe he did not tell me his real time of birth," Tania murmured to herself. Then, she disappeared into thin air.

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