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   Chapter 635 A Hard Decision To Make

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As soon as he finished cleaning the snow in front of the bamboo house, Zachary went back to the system for cultivation.

The next morning, he led Jimmy and Henry to the beast barn in order to verify the conditions of the treasure beasts raised there, especially those he'd secretly selected. In the past two weeks, the beasts consumed the pills every day, so it was obvious that they were going to produce treasures. If nothing went wrong, they would do so in less than half a month. At that point, Zachary would fulfill the promise he made to Jaxon.

After inspection, the three of them returned to the residential compound and saw Vivian, who was expecting them.

"You guys go cultivate," Zachary told Jimmy and Henry, waving his hand at them in dismissal.

The pair nodded and left at once.

"Tell me, why do you need to cultivate in seclusion for half a month? Didn't you promise you'd quickly collect the materials for me?" Vivian inquired unhappily.

"Take it easy. I still need a certain amount of time to collect all the required materials." Zachary calmly smiled at Vivian.

"Ugh. Whatever. Just take care of it as soon as possible, okay?" Vivian replied absent-mindedly.

Zachary knew that she was still upset about what happened last night, so he seized his opportunity and said, "Actually, I'm confused about whether the pills you made could really cure your disease or not."

"I don't know, but that was the only way I knew," Vivian sighed helplessly.

"Where did you get the formula, by the way?" Zachary asked, creasing his forehead.

"Why do you always have to ask so many damn questions?" Vivian pouted her lips at him and looked away.

"I'm just worried that you might have been fooled because you were too eager to treat your disease," Zachary reminded in a caring tone.

"The person who gave me the formula has no intentions of doing me any harm. And that, I'm sure of," Vivian replied, certain and confident.

"Oh, really?" Zachary only smiled. To himself, he thought, 'What a stupid woman! You're totally wrong. Fortunately for you, the pills were burnt, or you'd be in great trouble.'

"Anyway, it's none of your business. Just collect the materials for me like I asked of you." And with that, she turned on her heel to leave hurriedly.

Zachary narrowed his eyes at her receding back. Once she'd disappeared from his view, he went back to the north room and entered the system for cultivation once again.

When the moon was bright and visible, he came out of the system and left the house, heading to the place where he met with Vivian the nigh

urged, her voice quavering as her desire to find out the second method grew even stronger.

"The second method is destroying all the meridians in your body and then rebuilding them. Of course, this process is very dangerous. You risk your life if even a minor mistake is made throughout the process," Zachary said, staring deeply into Vivian's eyes.

"Destroy all my meridians in my body and rebuild them?" Vivian replied hesitantly. Her face suddenly dropped and her expression changed. She had never heard of this method before. What she did know, however, was that it was a gamble and she quickly began to doubt Zachary's intentions.

"All that to say, you'd be better off choosing the first method. Although it takes much longer, it's also safer. As for the second method, it's really very dangerous. Ordinary warriors would never take the risk. The only good thing about it is if you succeed, not only can your body recover, but you can continue cultivating at the quadruple martial speed. With your talent, I won't at all be surprised if you quickly become someone in the near future." An unnoticeable trace of shrewdness flashed in Zachary's dark eyes. He wanted to lead Vivian into his control, step by step.

As she listened to what he had to say, Vivian wrinkled her eyebrows and bit her lips, seeming very hesitant. She knew it would be difficult to make a decision. If she chose the first method, she would have to start all over again. She would no longer possess quadruple martial speed, and she might even stop at the Imperial Level. However, if she chose the second method, it meant taking an enormous risk or even getting herself killed, which was a terrifying consequence. What was she supposed to do now?

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