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   Chapter 632 Treasure Beast Tool

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"Do you have the heart to do it?" Tania demanded with a grave expression in her beautiful eyes.

"What do you mean?" Zachary seemed stupefied upon hearing her words.

"What I told you just now is the worst plan ever. If her condition is not serious enough, you won't have to do that," Tania explained.

"You scared me out of my wits! I swear that terrified the living daylights out of me! But I am prepared to do whatever it takes to save her. Besides, she is just a pawn. If I kill her by accident, then she's indeed out of luck." Zachary shrugged his shoulders, but his eyes looked serious. What he said was genuine, and he didn't have any particular feelings for Vivian. Moreover, with his knowledge, she approached him and suggested an arranged engagement to him because she wanted to exploit him to her advantage. To put it bluntly, they were manipulating each other.

"It's such a relief to know you're thinking this way. I was worried that you didn't have the heart to do that. Work hard in getting her to fight with you alone tonight. Force her to display her martial energy, and observe its circulation in her body. Take note of whatever you discover and recount to me the whole process of your encounter later. Then, I'm going to instruct you in how you can cure her," Tania commanded.

Zachary nodded in agreement. "I understand. I have to go ahead and prepare then." Zachary stepped out of the bamboo house. He left the Fairy Island and returned to the system.

Just after he returned to the system, he heard Mimi's sweet voice saying, "Congratulations! You've captured an elite treasure beast. You'll get a treasure beast tool as a reward."

"Treasure beast tool? What is it?" Zachary asked at once.

"It's much the same as a warrior's weapon and can intensify the fighting efficacy of a treasure beast. It is unique in the Supernal Continent," Mimi said in response.

"Awesome. Let me see the treasure beast tool right away." Zachary nodded in satisfaction after hearing it.

"The treasure beast tool is called the Crown of Thunder."

An object with the flickering thunder radiance materialized before Zachary and fell into his cupped hands. After the thunder radiance vanished, a halo crown came into view.

"This should be the crown, and it has the characteristic of the thunder element. It's tailor-made for Kiwi." Zachary glanced at the crown several times, and then asked, "How do I use this?"

"The Crown of Thunder can merge the power of thunder, which can enhance the combat efficacy of your treasure beast. When the crown's absorbed power of thunder reaches the limit, it can release an overwhelming thunder power, thus causing massive destruction. The basi

he told me in the end," Henry said in a very enthusiastic and eager manner.

"Tell me what you have discovered." Zachary gestured for him to speak.

"More than twenty years ago, something significant happened in the Xiao Clan, which shocked the whole Devil Kingdom. At that time, they enlisted an Imperial Level warrior whose surname was Leng from Shura College. He was the most skilled disciple there and was known as the most extraordinary young person in the Devil Kingdom for almost a hundred years. As a result, all the major forces in the Devil Kingdom attempted to recruit him. Many of them fought and turned against each other. He was a sworn brother of Master Jaxon's brother, so the Xiao Clan recruited him in the end." Henry paused for a while and continued, "During that time, the Xiao Clan was not the second largest clan in the Devil Kingdom. It was only above average among the forces at the premium stage. After the warrior joined the Xiao Clan, the clan's reputation expanded rapidly in a few years. All the credit went to this man, because he gave the Master Jaxon countless suggestions on the reform of their structure, and the latte adopted all of his ideas. The results turned out to be very good. The man got promoted quickly in the Xiao Clan, and lots of people admired him to a great extent. But the good times didn't last long. One day, Master Jaxon commanded the arrest of his brother and this man, alleging that they conspired with the heterodox forces and did harm to the common people. He also notified the people in the Devil Kingdom, which caused a great commotion. Later on, they found out that to seize power, the two conspired with the heterodox forces and wanted to stage an uprising. Master Jaxon had known about their plot, so he decided to take action first."

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