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   Chapter 631 The Superb Spiritual Soul

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"Cultivate the spiritual soul? That's true! Thanks for reminding me, Master Anne. I'd nearly forgotten that I could begin cultivating the spiritual soul as soon as my strength reached the Imperial Level. In fact, Master Andrew once told me that if I wanted to exert the Holy Bone Bracer's power to the fullest, I would have to use the spiritual energy in order to drive it. I meant to begin later, but I might just start immediately instead," Zachary said, nodding his head in approval. If he hadn't absorbed the three Sun-swallowing Pills, he would still be at the first grade of Imperial Level and wouldn't need to cultivate the spiritual soul in a hurry. However, Anne had mentioned that in order to capture the second elite treasure beast, he had to first cultivate the spiritual soul. In other words, he couldn't wait any longer. For that reason, he decided it was best to cultivate the spiritual soul as soon as possible.

"Even though you're great talented when it comes to the spiritual soul, it's not easy for you to get your spiritual soul to take shape in a short period of time," Anne stated, breaking her short moment of silent hesitation.

"Well, with my current talent, how long do you think will it take?" Zachary asked, worriedly.

"It can easily take at least several months...even up to a year," Anne estimated, lifting her shoulders.

"What?! That long? If that's the case, a lot of things will be delayed," Zachary complained, tightening his lips. Despite his disapproval, he also knew that Anne was giving him the shortest possible time.

"For the most part, it takes a few years at the least for an Imperial Level warrior to cultivate the spiritual soul and allow it to take shape. You'd have to be very lucky to all achieve that in only a few months," Anne retorted, casting Zachary a glare and crossing her arms firmly across her chest.

"Master Anne, is there any shortcut I can take that can make the process any faster?" Zachary asked, squinting at Anne hopefully. Although shortcuts were usually risky, he had become accustom to that kind of thing.

"Yes, there is. But I don't suggest you use the method," Anne replied seriously, frowning.

"And why is that, hmm?" Zachary questioned immediately.

"Because it's too dangerous. Anyway, if you cultivate the spiritual soul using a shortcut, you'll never be able to return." Anne refused to tell him about the shortcut.

"How about you tell me about that shortcut first, Master Anne?" Zachary asked. He couldn't help but become increasingly interested as he was faced with Anne's denial.

"Actually, the technique is very similar to the heterodox refining skill you use to refine weapons. It's known as the heterodox soul cultivating skill. The difference between the two skills is that the heterodox refining skill can be performed as long as you have absorbed common nether power,

his own master.

"She won't hurt you, not directly at least. But remember, she isn't a human being living in the secular world. Some things aren't what she thinks they are. She might tell you something out of good will, but she may also put you into a situation beyond redemption. You must stay very alert around her, and take her advice very lightly. Besides, I've found that she seems to like spoiling you and always tries her best to satisfy you. For the most part, that's not something a strict master would do," Tania added, in a more serious tone this time.

"Well, in that case, what if you were my master? You can teach me in a strict way instead, perhaps?" Zachary asked. Apparently, he was very eager about becoming Tania's disciple.

Nevertheless, Tania rolled her eyes at him, not giving in to his charm.

"Can you help me cure my friend now, then? I need your help," Zachary stated, getting down to business instead.

"Yeah, I can help you, but I won't stand out and cure her in person. You'll have to cure her yourself, and I can teach you how to do that. If you don't succeed through my teachings and method, then that is your problem and rests on your shoulders. I can only teach you how to treat her. The rest has nothing to do with me," Tania replied, providing her conditions at once.

"Alright, I agree," Zachary agreed, nodding his head immediately.

"Furthermore, before I teach you the treatment method, you have one last thing to do," Tania added.

"And what could that be?" Zachary wondered.

"To destroy all the meridians in her body," Tania replied in a matter of fact tone.

"What? Are you serious?" Zachary was stunned. He didn't understand why he'd do such a thing. If all the meridians in Vivian's body were destroyed, she would quickly become disabled, and she could even die. "Do I really have to do that?" he asked, his voice wavering, looking for confirmation.

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