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   Chapter 630 Capture The Beast

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In this way, the situation was deadlocked for two hours. No matter how many times Zachary cut the Earthworm-shaped Dog into pieces, it would make no difference to it.

So, Zachary also changed his strategy. He no longer tried to cut the dog, but instead used his martial energy with the ice element to freeze the chopped up parts of the dog's body. This way, the cut up bits of body couldn't be swallowed up, which also slowed down its ability to regenerate. This strategy soon took effect. The speed of rebirth of the dog obviously slowed down, but anyway, it was still unable to stop it from regenerating completely.

However, it was a dangerous situation for the dog!

Just then, a yellow circular crystal with the size of half of a football appeared on the tail of the dog's newly grown body, giving off a very strong Imperial Level aura.

"Is this a treasure produced by the dog? Yes! It's without doubt an Imperial Level treasure!" Zachary's eyes lit up at this sight.

At the same time, the dog suddenly turned around and rushed towards the treasure it had produced.

Ideally, Zachary should have stopped it in time, because Anne had said that if the dog devoured its own treasure, its ability of regenerating would become greatly enhanced.

But even though Zachary was aware of this, he didn't move. Instead, he watched the dog swallow its treasure. The next moment, the color of the dog's skin became deeper, and finally it turned into a brownish yellow color, and the volume of its body began rising. It was even stronger than before, and its originally soft, smooth body became hard.

At the same time, Zachary also condensed two sharp ice blades in his hands, making a sign of striking off the enemy.

The next moment, the dog abruptly shook its body and rushed toward Zachary with a strong momentum. He did not show any weakness and fought back with equal vigor. After that, ice blades constantly shone in the air. Every time the ice blade disappeared from his hand, the dog lost a part of its body. Soon, only its head was left, and the cut body parts lay strewn everywhere. However, as soon as the dog opened its big mouth, all the parts of its body got sucked up in an instant. Compared to the previous speed of rebirth, which was not too fast, this time, it took the dog only a few seconds to make its body grow back to its original state.

The dog dashed towards Zachary again. Its survival strategy was to get him exhausted.

But Zachary was smirking at this point. It seemed that he had achieved exactly what he wanted.

At the same time, the dog, who was now cl

as inevitable that they would interact and form different groups. So it was better to separate them. It was also better for him to manage them this way.

"Yes, I can. The treasure beast system has a special function. You can even set up exclusive spaces according to the preferences of the treasure beasts," Mimi explained.

"That's good. I'll go ahead and set up the enclosures now." Zachary nodded, and began to set up individual spaces for each of the treasure beasts.

It took Zachary only half a day to set them all up. The exclusive space for the Earthworm-shaped Dog was very similar to its lair at the bottom of the sand. The dog seemed to love this kind of space very much and soon occupied its space.

After capturing the Earthworm-shaped Dog successfully, Zachary took the first step of the second trial. When he returned to the system, he went to the Living-dead Tomb to report the result. Anne was not surprised because she knew that with his current strength, he would have no problem in capturing the dog.

"Master Anne, what is the next elite treasure beast I need to capture? I have asked for half a month's leave and I still have a few days left." Seeing that the first one was so easy to capture, Zachary wanted to apprehend the second one as soon as possible.

"You can't seize the second elite treasure beast right now," Anne said shaking her head.

"Why is that?" Zachary asked, feeling confused.

"If you want to snare the second elite treasure beast, you must cultivate your spiritual soul first. This is because you have to pour your spiritual energy into the second sealing tool in order to activate it. Besides, it's about time you cultivated your spiritual soul," Anne explained calmly.

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