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   Chapter 629 The Cunning Dog

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The yellow Earthworm-shaped Dog was at the peak of King Level just like Mimi had said. One more step, and it would reach the Imperial Level. It looked like its current level had already reached its limit. Anne had once said that the elite treasure beast's special ability was not its strength. The trait that made it stand out was its powerful ability to produce more exquisite treasures compared to ordinary treasure beasts. An elite treasure beast was able to produce extreme power at a high speed. This dog in front of Zachary had obviously not reached the Imperial Level, but he thought it could produce treasures at level higher than its own level.

As Zachary studied the dog, the dog had also become aware of his presence. It stared at Zachary with its big, round eyes for a moment as though it had sensed his unusual aura. All of a sudden, it let out a loud roar, turned around, and rushed off in the opposite direction, as if it was trying to run for its life.

Seeing this, Zachary immediately used his Thousand-Avatar Skill. Instantly, a shadow formed and chased after the dog. With the Shadow Pace, his shadow blocked the dog's path. Then he used his Ice Dragon Hand to grab it. As soon as the dog saw that the situation was worsening, it immediately turned back and started to retreat. However, by this point, Zachary was already waiting behind it with his hands crossed over his chest. He had anticipated that the dog would turn back, so he had patiently waited in that spot.

"Don't try to run away. It's no use. Just surrender and put on this Rebirth Restraining Ring." Zachary took out the Rebirth Restraining Ring and prepared to subdue the Earthworm-shaped Dog.

The dog immediately became anxious as if it had understood his words. It wore a nervous expression on its face. After being stunned for a while, it suddenly bent down its soft body and seemed to have accepted its fate. It was ready to obey Zachary's orders.

"It's so strange to see it behave so obedient like this. Didn't Master Anne say that it was smart and cunning? How come it gave in so soon? Maybe it's because I'm much stronger than the dog, so it has to accept its bad luck and surrender to me," Zachary murmured. At first, he was confused, but then he immediately laughed at this thought. Then, he tossed the Rebirth Restraining Ring into the air. Instantly it began to grow bigger and bigger in midair, and then it flew to the dog and circled its head.

The Rebirth Restraining Ring became as big as the dog's head and it started adjusting itself ready to come down on the dog's neck, but suddenly the dog opened his mouth and spat out the sands and beasts it had eaten in the past. Then the large dog sudd

vatar Skill to freeze all the other paths as fast as he could.

By the time the dog noticed it, it was too late. It was completely trapped here. Zachary appeared in front of the dog. He pointed at it and said, "Surrender now or suffer the consequences!"

The Earthworm-shaped Dog sighed sadly as it knew there was no way left to escape and it couldn't play the same trick again. However, it still didn't give up the fight as it writhed and struggled. It straightened its body up and opened its big mouth. In no time, a vacuum-like force formed and all the stones flew up in the air wildly. All the stones in the surroundings were swept up into the dog's mouth. However, Zachary wasn't affected by this trick and stood still. On the other hand, the dog's small body began to expand again like a giant balloon. It suddenly became the colossal animal that it had been originally.

Even so, Zachary would not fall for this trick again. Seeing that it was obviously not going to surrender quietly, he didn't hesitate anymore and rushed to attack it. He employed the Ice Dragon Strike and waved his sword towards the dog. His strength had reached the third grade of Imperial Level, so the number of ice dragons he could summon had increased from three to five. The five ice dragons then merged in the air and formed a bigger ice sword before swishing towards the Earthworm-shaped Dog with murderous power. As a result, the dog was unable to resist Zachary's powerful attack and was cut into two pieces. Despite this, it did not give up and kept bumping into Zachary, determined to fight till its last breath.

After a few more attacks, the dog was cut into several pieces, but it was still alive! Moreover, every part that was cut off by Zachary kept growing back and its body began to form completely.

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