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   Chapter 628 The Earthworm-shaped Dog

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"Let me finish first," Anne grumbled while casting a glare at Zachary. "Although the Earthworm-shaped Dog is at King Level, it has a strong ability to regenerate, just like an earthworm. Even if you cut off its head, it can still survive and re-create a new one after a while. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot kill it using the conventional method."

"Well, it does not look weak at all," Zachary exclaimed in surprise. He never expected such treasure beast existed in the world.

"The effect of your newly formed Rebirth Restraining Ring is to prevent the dog's regenerating ability, so you will have the opportunity to capture it. Once the ring traps it, it will have to obey your words even if it won't treat you as its master." Anne then acquainted Zachary with the full effects of this sealing tool that Zachary had refined with his blood.

"But what if it declines to surrender to me even after being sealed off

extended into different directions. It looked like a small part of an enormous tunnel extending beneath the sand. Behind him was a sand hill where many martial beasts lay buried.

Before he could observe any further, he felt a powerful pull coming from the other side. The sand hill and the martial beasts behind him were all dragged towards that direction. In a short instant, the sand hill disappeared without a mark. At the same time, a beast with a notably long body and a dog's head surfaced near the spot where the sand hill had been. The beast was not terrifying, as its head resembled that of a pug, large and round with shortened muzzles and extensive forehead wrinkles. Its soft and smooth body, which was five meters long, looked exactly like a giant earthworm.

"I dare say that you must be the Earthworm-shaped Dog. I finally found you!" As Zachary examined the strange beast, a wicked smile surfaced on his face.

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