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   Chapter 627 Forging The First Sealing Tool

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"Wait, what does it mean the contractual mode will take effect?" Zachary asked, suddenly curious.

"Previously, the beauty collection mode was composed of many other modes—main quest mode, random mode and even apprentice mode. In reality, though, the contractual mode is the core of the beauty collection mode," Mimi explained.

Zachary raised his eyebrows. As he followed Anne back to the Living-dead Tomb, he asked Mimi in his mind, "Tell me, what's so powerful about it?"

"Well, once you activate it, you can initiate contract signing with any beautiful woman in the real or second world and make her your maid," Mimi replied.

"My maid? Ha! I like it!" Zachary grinned. "How will my maid come to serve me then?"

"A maid is obliged to act upon any subsequent order. Moreover, she is obliged to protect you without hesitation, even sacrificing herself if necessary," Mimi explained patiently.

"Sacrificing herself is pretty unnecessary, but the rest sounds good. Any restrictions on the contract signing?" Zachary asked.

"Yes, she must be a virgin because a virgin's blood is needed to sign the contract. Also, she must generally be stronger than you. This restrictions are normally not ignored, but they can be if she is willing to be your maid," Mimi said.

"What do you mean by that? Are you implying no woman is willing to be my maid? Are you looking down on me?" Zachary protested.

"Generally, there is no need to sign a contract if she is willing. However, the biggest benefit after the contract is signed is that if you conquer her, her strength will drastically improve," Mimi explained.

"Conquer her?" For a few moments, Zachary drifted along with his imagination. He quickly shook his head and focused on the questions once more. "Other than that, is there anything more powerful about the contractual mode? Something that at least helps me

sealing tool!" Zachary couldn't help but curse. He needed to simultaneously maintain the smooth martial energy throughout and control the blood flow. Otherwise, he might end up bleeding out.

He finally finished refining after nearly a day and a night. By then, he'd come very close to collapsing. He took a careful look at the finished product and then cursed loudly, "Damn it! Isn't this a dog collar?"

It indeed looked like one, albeit unconventionally shaped. Moreover, it seemed more like an Imperial Level sealing tool.

Zachary immediately went to visit Anne.

Anne looked up and nodded in satisfaction as he appeared with the tool in his hand. "I see you've finished refining. You're much faster than I expected. Good job."

"If I was a little bit slower, you probably wouldn't see me again." Zachary scowled. If he was weaker, he would have been unable to remain balanced due to blood loss during the whole process.

Anne giggled. "The first elite treasure beast you'll catch is called Earthworm-shaped Dog. It is at the peak of King Level."

"The peak of King Level? It's so weak!" Zachary stared at her, confusion plastered across his face. Even with his current condition, he could kill the Earthworm-shaped Dog effortlessly.

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