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   Chapter 626 Challenge Inside The Cave

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"The Sweet Dew made by the bees inside the cave is the basic material you will need to practice the honey mixing skill. You'll need to come here often in the future, so you can't just use the smoke to drive them away from you each time," Anne said in a serious tone.

"You're right. But Master Anne, didn't you say that I need to learn from these bees? How can I do that? I don't quite get it," Zachary asked.

"You'll understand all you need to know once you learn how to coexist with them in the cave," Anne replied. "But do remember one thing. No matter what happens, you can't hurt them in any way. They are rare and preserved. If you hurt one of them, I will punish you. Trust me. You don't want to know what kind of punishment will come your way."

"Well, I'll go inside and give it a try," Zachary said. He took a look at the cave and muttered to himself, 'These bees should have forgotten me by now. I'm sure they won't be seeking revenge. Besides, I'm an Imperial Level warrior, so I should be strong enough to deal with them now!'

That thought gave him enough courage to step in. However, once he set his foot in the cave, he caught the beams of light dancing in the cave. It was mesmerizingly gorgeous. Although he had seen it before, the sight still amazed him. But before he could appreciate the beauty of it all, he heard a sudden loud buzzing sound. It was sharp and irritable. All of a sudden, he felt something rush towards him with ferocious killing intent. He looked up to see the bees staring at him with suspicion.

'No way! Did they recognize me?' Zachary's heart jolted.

They all swarmed towards him. Thousands of bees were heading towards him. Because Anne had warned him not to hurt them, Zachary had no choice but to turn around and start dodging them. He would wait until the bees cooled down, and then he would come back in. But as he tried to get out, he felt there was something wrong. A gentle force blocked his way out. However, he didn't give up. So he tried a few more times, but each time, he was pushed back.

"Master Anne, is this a joke?" Zachary shouted loud enough to hear from outside. He knew Anne was behind this soft force. But he got no response, driving him a bit crazy. All the bees were quickly advancing towards him.

'Master Anne said she wanted me to be at peace with these b

embered what had happened between us before! They were actually hostile towards me because I invaded their territory. Am I right? But Master Anne, you already knew the pills would attract them. Why didn't you tell me that before I went in?" Zachary was annoyed now that he knew Anne had tricked him.

"It's good to see you embarrass yourself on occasion. Let's go. It's time to head back!" Anne said, dismissing his complaints. With a cunning smile on her face, she turned around and left him to follow her.

"This is so strange. Why do I get the feeling that Master Anne has changed a little? She even made fun of me and wanted to see me embarrassed. Is it because the friendship level has improved?" Zachary muttered, unable to grasp what had happened.

"Congratulations! Your steady efforts have paid off. You've had an impact on Anne, meaning she isn't as cool as she once was.

When your friendship level with Anne reached level 7, you'll get a chance to go out on a date alone with her. If you can make love to her, she'll be yours. Moreover, the system has been successfully restored. The contractual mode of the beauty collection mode will take effect soon." Mimi's impersonal sweet voice rang in his ears.

"I'll get the chance to go on a date with Master Anne when the friendship level reaches level 7? Ha-ha! That's great!" Hearing Mimi's words made Zachary laugh out loud. Though it wouldn't be easy to make love to Anne, at least he would get the chance to try. He was determined to seize it and try everything he could do make it happen.

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