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   Chapter 624 Honey Mixing Skill

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"Actually, it's difficult to find out which area the elite treasure beasts are in, let alone the specific location. But Tania not only knows where the treasure beasts live but also their regular hunting grounds. She asked me to guide you to them. She is so considerate," Anne stressed purposely.

"Yes, I do feel that Tania is really nice to me! I've never thought that she would give me the opportunity to catch several elite treasure beasts." Zachary grinned. His opinion of Tania had obviously changed. If he caught those elite treasure beasts, he would be a step closer to becoming a warrior of Sage Level, just as Anne said.

"But don't be too complacent. The elite treasure beasts are much more difficult to capture than ordinary ones," Anne warned him immediately.

"Is it more difficult to catch an elite treasure beast than a rare treasure beast?" Zachary asked fearfully, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes. They can't be subdued. So it's very difficult to seize them," Anne explained.

"Why not? Why can I not subdue them? Don't all treasure beasts have psychic power? So that means, even rare treasure beasts can be subdued," Zachary stated curiously.

"Everything in the world has its own law, and the elite treasure beasts are no exception. If we could easily subdue them, then the Supernal Continent would have been full of warriors of Sage Level right now, and it would be hard to estimate how powerful they could be. But that is not necessarily a good thing for the world. Moreover, elite treasure beasts are far more superior and smarter than human beings, so they can't be controlled by mankind. At the most, what humans can do is limit them to a certain extent," Anne elaborated.

"Okay, if that is the case, how should I catch them?" inquired Zachary.

"That's why you need to learn how to forge sealing tools. They will help you deal with the beasts. Only some special sealing tools can limit them. But the sealing tools can only be use

need you to do something later," Zachary instructed Jimmy immediately after Ryder left.

"Okay!" Jimmy nodded obediently.

Then Zachary led Jimmy to inspect the beast barn and began selecting those treasure beasts that were likely to produce treasures within a month. Jaxon had promised Zachary that if he could make more than half of the treasure beasts in his barn produce treasures within a month, he would allow him to expand the scale of operations at the beast barn. This way, the warriors of Imperial Level and even those of Sage Level, who owned treasure beasts, would be willing to send their beasts to be raised at their barn. Thus, the beast barn would be a research base and he could control the treasure beasts that were extremely vital for the warriors. And if he achieved that, he could control the fate of the Xiao Clan. This was only the first step as he had to establish his own position in the Xiao Clan in order to continue with the next step in his plan. What he said to Jaxon earlier was true, at least on a superficial level. He would indeed do something to develop and promote the Xiao Clan further, but in doing so he could also gain some invisible interests. Once he had the necessary capabilities to control the fate of the Xiao Clan, the clan would be at his mercy and disposal!

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