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   Chapter 623 Treasure Beast Hunting

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"In fact, the second trial is simple and attainable. I want you to catch a few treasure beasts," Tania said after some hesitation.

"Treasure beast hunting? I'm the best one for that job!" Zachary got thrilled after hearing this. He was unsure of other things, but with treasure beast hunting, he knew he got many experiences to boot. It was fortunate for him to have bonded with treasure beasts in the past. Otherwise, he would not get the Sun-swallowing Beast's cub by chance this time. The cub hadn't recognized him as its keeper yet, but it would someday.

"But these treasure beasts are more distinctive than the ordinary ones," Tania pointed out sharply.

"Not the same? Are they of scarce or rare?" Zachary's face flushed with excitement.

"No. Concerning the details, you can ask your master. It's time for you to go." Tania shook her head decisively and waved her hand in Zachary's direction, leaving him on edge.

She stood aside and motioned for him to leave. He knew very well that if he didn't leave now, he might end up getting sent to the Living-dead Tomb. So keeping the peace, he smiled meekly and said, "I shall go then. Bye." He turned around and left after he'd done talking.

After leaving the Fairy Island, he traveled to the Living-dead Tomb, making no stops along the way.

Anne seemed to have figured out his purpose when she saw him approaching. Before he could open his mouth, she said, "In the next few days, I will teach you the technique of mixing honey and the casting methods for several sealing tools. If you want to complete the second trial briefly, you must understand them as quickly as possible."

"Okay. What treasure beasts do I need to catch on the second trial? Why did Tania withhold the details from me?" Zachary asked briefly and to the point.

"Did she tell you that?" Since Zachary knew that the second trial was to hunt the treasure beasts, Anne guessed that Tania already told him.

"She only mentioned that I would catch some treasure beasts, but she didn't tell me what they are. Master Anne, please acquaint me with the details," Zachary pleaded in a bleak tone.

"The second

comparison, the treasures of elite treasure beasts were more unique, and their rate of producing treasures was higher.

"Yet, there are also some downsides. Although the treasures of the elite treasure beasts are magical, they will have an unstable and strong side effect on the warriors' bodies. If they use too many of these treasures, they will become monsters like zombies. Therefore, broadly speaking, they can only use the said treasures every once in a while," Anne went on.

"In other words, even if the elite treasure beasts produce a great deal of treasures, we cannot use them without limitation. It's not different from using ordinary treasures, but the result is more satisfying." Zachary's brows furrowed as deep lines appeared on his forehead.

"It's true, but there is an added strange thing about the treasures of the elite treasure beasts. Some treasures can combine with each other due to their mutually compatible properties, thereby reducing the side effect. For instance, you can only cultivate one treasure a month, but if you mix it with another treasure, you can make it two in a month," Anne explained.

"Really? This is amazing!" Zachary's eyes lit up at Anne's words.

"That's right. The elite treasure beasts that Tania asked you to hunt are well matched in elements. So if you can catch all of them, you will be able to reach the Sage Level before long." Anne nodded her head in agreement.

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