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   Chapter 622 The Second Trial

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Once Zachary had been transported to the Living-dead Tomb, he trekked down the path that led towards Fairy Island. Upon arrival, he sensed a chill through the air and gazed upward. The island, which had always seemed as harmonic and sweet as spring all year round, was now blanketed by winter snow. Flurries whirled through the air as the island had transformed to a snowy scene.

"Strange! How did the island transform this suddenly? I wonder if it's because I haven't been here in a while," Zachary murmured to himself as he summoned up a gust of protective martial energy to effectively repel the blistering wind. He carefully made his way through the crunching snow beneath his feet and headed towards the bamboo house.

Once he reached the house, he saw that its roof was already covered with a thick layer of snow that continued to trickle down from time to time. Still, the walkway around the house had been cleared.

"Tania? Are you here? Where are you?" Zachary's brow furrowed. Knowing about Tania's temper, he did not dare to stray past the perimeter of the bamboo house.

It wasn't long before Tania finally opened the door, stepping out. Upon seeing him, she immediately frowned. "What are you doing here, Zachary?"

"Well, I actually have something to talk to you about," Zachary replied, grinning broadly at her. He was carefully gauging her mood through her expression, given that she had the tendency to be so emotional. She would be nice to him when she was in a good mood, but when her expression was more tempestuous, he would rightly brace himself to be sent flying out of Fairy Island sooner rather than later.

"Oh. I see. Well, come in then." Tania gave him a sideways glance as she gestured for him to come in. She turned back to trod into the house without another word.

'Well, it looks like she's in a good mood today!' Zachary was thrilled at the thought, and he felt relieved. If Tania was in a good mood, then he might just be able to get a method to cure Vivian's physical defect.

Following her into the bamboo house, Zachary found that it was drastically unalike the outdoors. The inside of the home was warm as spring, almost as though the sun was shining.

"Tania, I also meant to ask, what's happened to Fairy Island? How come the climate's changed to this degree?" Zachary asked, burning with curiosity as he watched Tania, who seemed to be drawing something out of a shelf.

"Ah that. Fairy Island is currently docked at the edge of a snowy land. The island itself takes after the climate of wherever it's currently attached. The snow will leave once the island's departed from it, and things will shift back to the normal climate," Tania replied, her tone noncommittal and belied no emotion.

"Oh right. I almost forgot that Fairy Island can actually move." Zachary scratched his head in wonder as he realized that the extraordinariness of Fairy Island. Being able to self-transport allowed the island to move freely in all the continents in this world, including the Supernal Continent.

"Look, if you have something to say, just spit it out. I've got errands to run for later." Tania shot him a glance without even turning around.

"Oh, the thing is, a friend of mine has a little problem with her body. For some reason, she's not able to regulate her strength properly. She can improve her strength continuously, but she's unable to fully r

welcome, wouldn't it?" Zachary scrambled to think of a reason that might compel Tania to help Vivian, and could only find whatever crossed his mind. It was true, after all, that Tania really had no motivation that would compel her to do all this.

"I have saved more than enough people. I don't need any further merit," Tania sniffed disdainfully at him.

"Look, Tania, please. I'm begging for your help, I really am." Zachary wasn't quite willing to surrender just yet. He would try his best if there was any measure of hope of convincing her.

"And what in this world has that woman done that compels you to beg on her behalf? You of all people! Do you like her, is that it?" Tania turned to glance at him at this, clearly interested in his own motivation.

"No, it's not like that. But I stand to gain a lot if I were to manage to cure her," Zachary finally responded, baring the truth.

"Oh, is that right? I see you've gotten a little smarter than you used to be. Last time, you cried and begged me like a child to save that useless master of yours." Tania's lips curled into a wicked smirk at this rare opportunity to tease Zachary.

"Look, things are different now! Can you just please help me?" Zachary protested, a bitter smile on his face as he knew that he was being toyed with.

"Well...since saving her would benefit you, I suppose I can work up the effort to save her. But before I do anything of the sort, I want you to finish the first stage of the second trial," Tania finally replied triumphantly.

"The first stage of the second trial? That's it? Oh thank goodness. I actually wanted to ask you what the second trial even is," Zachary exclaimed, delighted.

"Well you're going to ask Anne about that, if you want the real details. The second trial will require you to learn the honey mixing skill first. And you'll also need to learn how to forge some sealing tools..." Tania reeled off, contemplative.

"Looks like the second trial's actually going to be a real challenge then. Any chance that I might get a hint or two from you about what exactly I'm about to face?" Zachary asked hopefully, quite curious about the future. If he were to complete the second trial, he might be able to soon present himself as Tania's disciple.

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