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   Chapter 621 New Main Quest

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"I really don't know. When I walked out of my room, this room was already on fire," Zachary said, pursing his lips.

Vivian frowned for a while. As she stood silently, a pungent odor made her nostrils flare. Stooping down, she found a little black gunpowder on a porcelain fragment that hadn't been burnt off.

"Hmm... this is gunpowder." Vivian realized as soon as she inspected the porcelain a little closer. "It wasn't an accident. Someone obviously set fire to the room."

"What? Someone set fire on purpose?! Whoever did this must be out of mind!" Carmelo shouted exaggeratedly. He turned to Zachary and said, "Harley, have you noticed anyone suspicious around here?"

"No, I haven't seen anyone." Zachary shook his head.

"Well, in that case, perhaps it was an inside job..." Carmelo looked Zachary over from head to toe suspiciously.

"What are you trying to get at, Carmelo? Do you suspect me of something?" Zachary wasn't surprised. He had anticipated this.

"Don't put words in my mouth. I never said it was you! A clean hand wants no washing..." Carmelo didn't hesitate to continue stirring things up.

"Harley, be honest. Did you set fire to the room or not?" A suspicious look also appeared on Vivian's face as she questioned him. She wasn't sure what to believe.

"Excuse me for my ignorance, but why would I do something like that?" Zachary squinted his eyes, his expression grim.

"To get back at me, of course!" Not long ago, Vivian had insisted on being engaged to Zachary against his will and therefore, she figured he had every reason to take his revenge by any means possible. Besides, he was the only one who knew how important the room was to her.

"Do you honestly think I'm that kind of person?" Zachary asked, presumably hurt by this ask.

Vivian immediately hesitated and didn't have the chance to respond. She didn't know whether she should trust Zachary or not.

"If you suspect him in any way, I can send someone to investigate right away. I promise I will find out what happened soon enough," Carmelo claimed. If Vivian suspected Zachary in any way, now was a good opportunity to pin the whole thing on him.

After a few seconds of silence, Vivian looked up at Zachary. She then turned to Carmelo and snapped, "Get out! And take your men with you. Even if I want to investigate, I'll investigate myself. Don't ever tell me what to do."

"What? Are you serious?" Carmelo couldn't believe what Vivian had just said to him. He had never expected that she would throw him out in such a way.

"Just get out!" Vivian was clearly in a terrible mood, her arms stiffly crossed upon her chest.

Carmelo could do nothing but leave, considering her undeniable rage. He didn't dare speak an

latly with a nod of his head.

"The new main quest is accepted. It requires you to help Vivian repair her physical defect without exposing your identity."

"How can I help Vivian recover her physical defect without revealing my identity?" Zachary cut her off. "What kind of quest is this? If I help Vivian collect the materials and refine the pills, seeing as she knows I'm the one helping her, I would thus fail the quest. This means I can't help her collect the materials and refine the pills. I'll have to find another way to go about completing this. Now that I give it a little more thought, I had a physical defect at first. I used the Refreshing Pill in order to recover. Maybe it is not necessary to refiner pills. All I need is to get another Refreshing Pill." Zachary was aware of the quest and he turned it over in his mind thoroughly.

"Mimi, does this quest provide any items by chance? Like a Refreshing Pill or something like that, for example..." Zachary asked rather hesitantly. This kind of quest had appeared before. The last time was in the Welkin Sect, and the system gave him a Heaven and Earth Pill with which he could heal Elva's wound.

"No," Mimi answered curtly.

"How can I heal her without exposing my identity? I'm not a miracle worker! I don't understand what I'm supposed to do!" Zachary could tell that this main quest would be another pain in the neck. He had an anxious feeling because he wasn't sure what exactly was being asked of him.

"Well, I'd suggest you should go find Tania and ask her to give you some advice," Mimi reminded him.

"Oh, I almost forgot about her. She's an authority in this respect! Speaking of her, I haven't seen her for a long time. I think I should be able to take on the second trial." With that, Zachary headed for the Fairy Island right away.

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