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   Chapter 620 Anthony's Sinister Plan

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Three days later, the Xiao Clan announced that Vivian and Zachary would get engaged to the entire Devil Kingdom. But that wasn't all. They were going to hold a race for the marriage for all Imperial Level warriors in a month. It would give the warriors less than forty years of age the opportunity to challenge Zachary. Whoever managed to defeat him would be able to marry Vivian. Once the news spread, it, naturally, caused a huge uproar in the Devil Kingdom. Every Imperial Level warrior was overcome with anticipation. The prospect of being Vivian's husband was enticing. Even the Xiao Clan's own Imperial Level warriors were getting ready for battle.

Needless to say, Anthony hadn't been the least bit pleased with the announcement. Now that news of their engagement had spread all over the world, there was no turning back. He couldn't change his father's mind. However, the challenge held some appeal. The idea of accepting Zachary as a brother-in-law made him sick. So he was determined to find a way to stop the engagement from taking place. That was why he would put his own plan in motion.

A big burly man with a paunch entered the Xiao Clan's hall. It was one the clan reserved for business dealings. Had Zachary been there, he would have recognized the man immediately. He was none other than Carmelo, an Imperial Level warrior with whom he had fought in the past.

Carmelo drew a big smile on his face as he walked towards Anthony and bowed. "Young Master, what can I do for you?" he asked reverently.

"Please take a seat, Carmelo," Anthony said as he gestured to a chair.

Carmelo did as he was asked, though cramming his large body into it and almost broke the chair.

"I invited you here to ask you something," Anthony said.

"Oh, what is it?" Carmelo asked. He had no clue why the Xiao Clan's young master had brought him here and what he could possibly want from him.

"I heard that there was some sort of conflict between you and Harley. Is that true?" Anthony studied Carmelo carefully.

"Well, that's true, yes. But I won't lower myself to his level!" Carmelo sneered at the thought that this might be about Zachary.

"Oh. That's very mature of you. Unlike Harley, who's always raving about the fact that he's far better than you. He claims you're a coward faking his own power while naturally useless. He once even said that you wouldn't dare and lay a hand on him." Anthony preyed on Carmelo's insecurity to frame Zachary by making up these rumors.

"Did he really say that? Come on. He's the weak one. I can easily break his neck with one hand." Carmelo shot up from his chair with a guttural growl. His fists clenched in rage.

"Now that he has my father's support, he has grown both ungovernable and arrogant since joining the Xiao Clan. And I don't approve of such behavior. However, for my father's sake, I have no choice but to turn a blind eye to his arrogance," Anthony said in a seeming

ned immediately, having prepared the excuse long before he arrived.

"Really? That's so considerate of you to be so concerned over my house. Thank you. But it was just one room that caught fire. It's not a big deal. You don't have to bother yourself by staying here to deal with it. I'll take care of everything. Please get back to your patrol!" Zachary said with a smile, hoping he would leave.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Our leader's late wife used to live in this house. We must examine things carefully to know the cause and ensure it doesn't happen again," Carmelo said. He couldn't leave so quickly since the main character hadn't gone up on the stage yet. But now that he had said those words, he had to play along. So he ordered his subordinates to check every room carefully. He needed to stall as he waited for Vivian to arrive.

After some time, a delicate figure rushed into the house. She quickly caught sight of the destroyed medicine refining room. The shock on her face was blatantly obvious. She then rushed into the ruined room at once and used her hand to split the furnace. Several pills fell to the floor, and then broke into pieces, turning into black powder.

"My pills! My pills!" Upon seeing the room, she shook with grief. She had put a lot of efforts into making the pills. She had spent three whole years on refining the pills. The fire hadn't just burned her work. it burned her hope as well.

"Are you okay?" Carmelo asked, feigning concern when he saw the sad look on her face.

"Why is my medicine refining room burned like this? What happened?" Vivian demanded as she turned around and glared at Carmelo.

"Please calm down. It was like this when I came here. You might want to ask Harley about what really happened here," Carmelo pointed out. He hoped that she would get his meaning and blame everything on Zachary. If she thought he was the one responsible, she would surely break the engagement then.

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