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   Chapter 617 Fulfill The Promise

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"Huh? I am merely fulfilling the promise my father made when he first recruited you at Shura College. Everyone present heard of him offering my hand to you. If we back out of this now, people will gossip about how the Xiao Clan tolerates empty talk." Vivian looked at Zachary dead serious.

"If my memory serves me right, I had already rejected Master Jaxon's proposal," Zachary said slowly, narrowing his eyes.

"It's not up to you. Our clan is one of the most powerful forces in the Devil Kingdom, and as such, every word we utter carries weight. And besides, I myself have not refused. What makes you think that you have the right to refuse me? Am I not good enough?" She looked at him, genuinely displeased.

"No, it's not like that. I just don't know what I've done to deserve you," Zachary replied, a sincere expression across his face.

"Your problem is finding that out, mine is deciding upon this matter. And since I've already agreed on an engagement with you, I suggest you should not refuse me, unless you want me to make your life a living hell!" Vivian said, raising her voice.

"Vivian, why are you so stubborn? I know you know marrying me won't be any good," Zachary said softly, smiling and shaking his head lightly.

"That's my business, and everyone knows I've always been a woman who never stops until I get what I want!" Vivian claimed confidently.

"Well, since you insist, I won't care if you do whatever you want. At worst, I can just admit defeat in the race." Zachary shrugged, using every ounce of strength to pretend he was aloof.

"I know it's impossible for you to lose!" A smile slowly spread across her face.

"Why are you so sure of my victory? I will be up against strong warriors of Imperial Level. How will I be a match for any of them?" Zachary said with a bitter smile.

"Because I believe in you and the fact that you won't let any other man marry me. It will be you or no one else. Don't think for a second that your pretend arrogance fooled me. You are not ambitious, but you absolutely always have a purpose. You didn't just join t

didn't say my lackey's pockets are also empty..." His laugh trailed off as he walked away.

"Sir, who exactly is your master?" one of the three grabbed Jimmy's arm and asked, their eyes now fluttering with curiosity.

"He's the new Xiao Clan recruit, Harley Bai. You must have heard of him. He is quite a celebrity, you know!" Jimmy replied in a tone of admiration.

"Oh, he's that famous Harley that everyone keeps talking about! Oh, my God! He's so handsome!"

"We're sorry we accused him of being a liar!"

"Sir, please come back soon. We are willing to serve you for free."

The three regretted having treated Zachary like that.

"Those three are crazy! But Zachary, you really are famous! Even those women in the brothel know about you." Jimmy rolled his eyes at the women one last time and finally caught up to Zachary.

Upon arriving at the Lily House's gate, they immediately noticed the unusually peaceful ambiance compared to the rest of the street. The door was half-closed, and no women stood in front to solicit customers.

"Harley, is this really the place? It feels strange, like there's nobody here. Will there be any kind of danger?" Jimmy muttered.

"It is what it is. At worst, it's an ambush. Just stay alert." Zachary smiled calmly and walked up the stairs, finally reaching the door. He pushed it open and immediately came across an astonishing view.

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