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   Chapter 614 Jaxon's Thoughts

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"And what exactly do you mean by that?" Jaxon stared back at Zachary, a look of confusion taking over him.

"Well, look at it this way. If Goliath really was a member of the Ghost Clan like you said, then why did he suddenly disassociate himself from the Ghost Clan and join an orthodox force? He might have his own reasons, you know. There are only two reasons why the Ghost Clan could possibly be willing to give up such an excellent disciple. One would be that they are plotting something, intending to let Goliath be a spy in the force where he is now. The other would be that Goliath woke up to reality just in time and refused to stay with them. Therefore, he broke away from the Ghost Clan as quickly as he could. One way or the other though, trust me when I say I think you can make good use of him," Zachary proposed again, a little more adamantly this time.

"Make good use of him? Share your ideas, seeing as you seem to know how I'd possibly do that." Jaxon's interest was clearly aroused. He leaned forward, his eyebrows peaked and his ears attentive.

The people present began to whisper to each other once again.

"Suppose, for the sake of an example, that you do recruit him. If his purpose is the first possibility, then under your strict surveillance, he will give himself away, and we will find out the truth about what kind of plot the Ghost Clan is planning. After such, we will expose their plot, ultimately allowing us to enhance our reputation in the Devil Kingdom. By then, the orthodox forces will have responded to our call to fight against the Ghost Clan. In this way, all of the credit will go to us. Neither the Xuanyuan Clan nor the Phoenix Pavilion can strive for credit with us. If his purpose is the second option, it'll be even easier for you. You'll have a highly talented disciple on your hands, and everyone will speak highly of you because you seek talents with eagerness, disregarding their backgrounds. That's another thing that can be helpful in improving the Xiao Clan's reputation." Zachary voiced his opinion loudly and clearly for all to hear.

"Like you've said, I'm ready to agree that Goliath can be useful to me. That said, I believe there's still a risk in taking him into my clan." Jaxon was always cool, calculating and cautious and he demonstrated this demeanor in his response.

"It all depends on whether you are willing to take the risk or not, I guess. I've already paved the way for you. You can take your time to think it over. This isn't

if I'm short-sighted? Sooner or later, the Xiao Clan will be mine. I don't believe that I, the young master, can't deal with a new Imperial Level warrior. What a joke! They can all just wait and see!"

As Zachary headed back home, he noticed that the Blazing Roc was lying on the ground in a corner, while Jimmy and Henry were standing off to the side.


"Manager Harley!"

As Jimmy and Henry saw Zachary coming back, they approached him in utter excitement. They had gotten news about what happened in the Holy Cloud Mountain and felt quite proud.

"I've been away for a few days. Did anyone bully you while I was gone?" Zachary asked, his forehead creased with wrinkles.

"No, of course not. No one dared to do so. Everyone in the Xiao Clan knows that you have a Holy Level master. They undoubtedly treat us quite nicely," Jimmy replied smugly, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

"Oh, really?" Zachary smiled widely at them and then turned to the Blazing Roc. "Orion, you can go back first, if you'd like." With that, he waved his hand above his head, and a whirlpool appeared in the air. The Blazing Roc immediately flew into the whirlpool without a second's hesitation and disappeared at once.

"Harley, Ryder and I have finished the selection of the fifty disciples who meet the requirements. When will you check the list?" Jimmy asked curiously but kept his tone light.

"There's simply no need to hurry. I don't need them for the time being. Put that task aside for now," Zachary replied flatly.

Jimmy nodded back in understanding.

Zachary turned to face Henry. "Henry, there's one thing I need you to do for me," he demanded.

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