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   Chapter 612 Zachary's Reasons

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"Of course." Zachary nodded his head, demonstrating his accord. "Who else did you think would come back with me?"

"Well, I've heard everything about you in the Holy Cloud Mountain. I can't believe that with your level of strength, you would actually gain something in the fierce competition of warriors of Imperial Level from the other major forces." Jaxon changed the subject casually, seeing as Zachary was apparently trying to avoid answering his question anyway.

"I traveled to the Holy Cloud Mountain without asking for your permission. I apologize. Please, forgive me," Zachary apologized, his hands clasped together. Despite saying so, his demeanor didn't show any regret whatsoever.

"Ah! It doesn't matter," Jaxon said as he waved his hand in dismissal. "Our Xiao Clan never prevents Imperial Level warriors from going to look for treasures and beasts out there. By the way, I heard that you refined three Sun-swallowing Pills in the Holy Cloud Mountain all at once. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's right," Zachary answered, beaming slightly with pride.

The many members of the Xiao Clan were shocked to hear such a thing, because they had never heard of a warrior who could refine three Sun-swallowing Pills at one time. Normally, such an act was no different than suicide, but Zachary was different. He had done it successfully. If it wasn't that many people had witnessed the whole process at the time, the warriors would probably think he was bragging.

"From what I can see, you're even more talented than I ever expected. A rare talent, might I say. Very good, I'm very pleased," Jaxon praised with a broad grin on his face, baring his teeth.

Anthony looked over at Jarrod and winked at him discreetly.

Jarrod immediately took the hint and began complaining to Jaxon with indignation, "Master Jaxon, Harley received five Sun-swallowing Pills from the Sun-swallowing Beast, but he didn't leave any of them for us! Instead, he distributed them to warriors from other forces. It's completely unreasonable! If Harley doesn't give us an acceptable explanation, I'm afraid the Imperial Level warriors of our clan won't let this matter go so easily."

In fact, Jaxon had heard about this situation from Jarrod before, but wi

if we can get along well with them, unimaginable profit will be brought to our Xiao Clan," he told him.

"On that point, I do agree." Jaxon nodded his approval. "I honestly believe that we can build a good relationship with them and we'll benefit tremendously. Even more so that recently, the head of their clan appears throughout various different occasions in the Devil Kingdom. I think this may be a signal. Anyway, the two Sun-swallowing Pills weren't just free gifts," he concluded.

Because Jaxon had said so, no one dared to raise their objections.

"Even so, what about the other three pills, then? We all know that the Phoenix Pavilion is our clan's sworn enemy!" Anthony continued to question Zachary, unwilling to accept the truth. In spite of his restlessness, every word Zachary spoke hit the nail on the head.

"Well, I gave one to the Phoenix Pavilion in order to help my best friend, Pollard. You might not know this, but Joan from the Phoenix Pavilion is Pollard's lover, and Pollard will be the Qiu Clan's heir in the future. That said, I have every reason to give her one pill. What do you think about that, Master Jaxon?" Zachary questioned, still keeping his composure.

"I understand." Jaxon was surprised to find that Zachary was so thoughtful. His argument couldn't be refuted in any way possible.

Zachary's eloquence left Anthony speechless. He shut his mouth and ground his teeth in anger. He didn't ask any further questions, at least not for the time being.

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